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Comment Re: Move more, eat less (Score 1) 496

I'm the OP for the thread. I use a knife and fork as I'm a Brit. I did live in Florida and most people seem to cut with a knife, put the knife down, switch hand with the fork and then eat the food. One thing I did notice in Delray Beach/Boca Raton was over sized portions. A large delivery pizza only fits in an American fridge diagonally. After a day you have to chunk it out. Large cokes are like a small bucket and I noticed lots of, in particular, teen girls wandering around the Boca mall with buckets of Pepsi/coke. I asked people about it and they said that people consider quantity good value for money. Makes sense of course but it's not helpful. Living by the beach in Delray there're extremes... Joggers who are toned and, frankly, lard buckets. Most people don't seem bigger than the uk average in relative size to be honest.

Comment Re: Move more, eat less (Score 1) 496

OP for this thread here again but I'm bothering to log in :-) Speaking from personal experience I got the put the utensils down from a TV show her in the uk. I decided to use it and after a while I got used the practice. Got to say I eat less than I did as I'm not shovelling food. Now if only I could cut the beer down...

Comment Java or C# (Score 1) 371

I've seen trading platforms in Java (Island) and was surprised at the number if transactions per second. I don't see Java jobs in London that much but lots of C#. Maybe that's UI work. Bloomberg are very C++ orientated and they're known for their trading platform. Lots of Boost in there AFAIK.

Comment Re:What if... (Score 3, Insightful) 175

Yeah, it's a bit odd here. Temperature in Celsius and distance in miles. People's height in feet & inches and weight in stones & pounds. It's even odder in a supermarket where we use both imperial and metric. You can buy cheese at the deli in either unit. Thank goodness we ditched the old coinage for a metric system. Mind you, it'd be more hip to say we used LSD as a currency :-)

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