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Comment Re:Sim Sickness (Score 2) 164

That's why the current focus is on low persistence screens. They never "hold" the frame while they wait for the next. so the effect is a lowered brightness but the image is only shown while its actually correct leaving the brain to fill in the gaps. I haven't experienced it myself but apparently it solves many of the nausea problems. You need to get up to above 90 fps though,

Comment subscription?! (Score 1) 60

How in earth do they motivate a subscription model for a service that isn't using the cloud? The whole point of Sync is that it's supposed to only involve your own machines. I have been looking into using sync at work as the Dropbox-possibly-giving-all-your-files-to-the-NSA thing isn't really a good alternative but with Dropbox I atleast get some good cloud backup. Now $40 isn't a lot of money for the intended audience for sure but it implies a lot of DRM/payment processor/Obsoleteness issues down the road. Are there any mature open source projects that are trying to make personal cloud storage?

Comment Re:It's just human nature... (Score 1) 281

well if you don't broadcast then you won't get any confirmations and the exchange won't accept your transfer. AFAIK the double spend 51%+ attack is where you make an ordinary transaction let it confirm and then build your own blockchainfork that doesn't have this transaction and since your private chain is built faster than the regular chain you can then release your chain and it would supercede the public as it is longer. But you have to get away with the money/goods before this and it's very very expensive in processor time, so you have to get away with millions for it to be worth it. And most exchanges do have enough of a delay for this approach to be unfeasible.

Comment Re:What happens if (Score 5, Informative) 281

Well the thing is, getting 51% doesn't mean you can steal any coins. It means you get to control who can and cannot spend their coins. Also you would be able to do "double spends" of coins in certain situations. Getting 51% means you control the transfer service not the coins themselves. Also it would be really really expensive and once you stop the network will start working as normal again.

Comment Re:where's the money? (Score 1) 139

Well for starters this is the first time ever that a small company is even capable of building mobile phone parts without bending over for the big mobile phone makers. If I can design a small battery for instance thats way better than the stock batteries but somewhat more expensive I could easily have thousands of customers which would be fine for a small company but not get millions of customers which is a must for a big company.

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