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Comment This is what 60 Minutes does (Score 1) 117

60 Minutes quite often uses lies and half-truths to enrage their viewing audience and trick them into feeling like they've had the wool pulled from over their eyes to reveal some secret, evil truth about the world. Then next week or the week after they will have a 15-second "retraction" that nobody even listens to talking about what they knowingly lied about.

Comment Engerlbart's Greatness (Score 3, Interesting) 110

Engelbart created a lot of the things that we associate with modern PCs, such as the mouse, graphical word processing, and hypertext links, but from what I've read it seemed like he was running out of steam and having trouble managing his projects by the time the funding dropped away from him. He had a great chance to contribute to the history of computing, and he definitely exceeded all expectations. I guess we'll never know what else he would have come up with if given another 40 years to work, or if he had already run out of ideas.

Comment I prefer e-books, but... (Score 1) 331

I prefer e-books to print books in most cases, however their cost is the main issue for me. I can usually find a used copy of a book of a book that I want to read for $4 or less, but the electronic version is almost universally $10 and up. If all I'm concerned about is the content of the book (which is all that you get when you buy an e-book) then why should I care if a book has been used or not? It's frustrating, because I'd really prefer to consume the content through my Kindle.

Comment Mostly good except for electronics counterfeiting (Score 1) 93

A lot of those "recycled" parts are remarked and sold on the market as either more expensive or newer parts. Keeping up with counterfeit electronics is becoming more of an issue every day for dealers and manufacturers as the third world sells our trash back to us masquerading as brand new technology.

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