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Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Studio 12 Released. Free to Download

kildurin writes: Studio 12 Compiler has been released in much the same was as Studio 11 was released. This time, the actual compiler is available on Linux and Solaris. It features automatic parallelization much the same as Intel's compiler. It includes C, C++ and Fortran 95 compilers. Sun has taken steps with this compiler to work with multiprocessor systems and let the compiler do some of the work in optimizing the compiled binary for multiprocessor systems. Web site is:
The Courts

Submission + - Texas makes green computing mandatory (

athloi writes: "The Texas House and Senate have both passed an identical version of a bill that requires computer manufacturers to provide a "reasonably convenient" recycling plan that requires no additional payments from consumers. Dell and HP provided some model legislation that was used as the basis for the bill, which if signed, would join similar initiatives already passed in more liberal states like Minnesota and California. s-legislature-passes-dell-backed-computer-recyclin g-bill.html

Go Texas!"


Submission + - Federal Judge orders student info released to RIAA

Mearlus writes: A Federal Judge has ordered the University of Wisconsin — Madison to release the information of 53 students who are tied to network connections used for alleged copyright infringement. "Judge John Shabaz signed an order on Thursday that requires the university to relinquish the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the individuals."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Roll your own HDTV & video-streaming DVR

lisah writes: "Ready to kick Tivo to the curb now that they no longer have lifetime subscriptions? Nathan Willis has unearthed a little gem of an alternative from Silicondust called HDHomeRun, a Linux- and OS X-supported, dual-tuner HDTV receiver that will also stream video right over your network. For just $169, this standalone unit will tune over-the-air and cable HDTV signal, and additional downloads from the company website will turn HDHomeRun into a fully functional DVR complete with scheduled recording and time-shifting capabilities. Although the basic software included with the unit is not much more than a command-line tool, the Linux community is already developing third-party apps that make this a truly useful alternative to expensive monthly service subscription fees."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - XBox Live! Hacked

An anonymous reader writes: XBox Live! has reportedly been hacked. According to one source, "... there is a group online called "Infamous Clan" brazenly offering to "jack" Xbox Live accounts and boasting about successful account theft. ..." MicroSoft's response? "... I just got off the phone with a Microsoft Tech for Xbox live that has confirmed this to with me and they have stated that accounts are being stolen and that "Hackers have control of Xbox live and there is nothing we can do about it."

Submission + - Professors Feed on Students

An anonymous reader writes: Law professors are up in arms over SwapNotes, a student run website that (gasp) let's students freely share notes(I, II, III, IV. Not exactly a new concept in the age of this thing we call the Internet. Some are defending it, others are going with the head in the sand mentality. To quote one student: "I suspect that one reason many professors get upset about this is that the outlines from previous years reveal how little work actually goes into the lectures on a yearly basis." C'mon! Let's be real guys — students can't share notes?! What's next, no buying review books?! What are the professors claiming? Copyright Infringement.

Submission + - Outsourcing Doesn't Save Money

TechEGrl writes: A new report from CIO Insight says that for most companies, outsourcing costs money, not saves it. "That's certainly true in regard to domestic outsourcing: It usually costs more to use a domestic outsourcer than it is to perform the same work in-house. Even offshore outsourcers fail to save money for their smaller clients much of the time. That means most large companies — and many small companies — are often disappointed when they aim to save money by outsourcing. When IT executives do consider their companies to be successful at outsourcing, it's usually because they are achieving other important benefits, such as freeing up management time."

While outsourcing, offshoring and even insourcing are all on the rise, the report says that fears of IT layoffs due to outsourcing have declined by roughly 7 percent. The study surveyed 400 IT pros.

Submission + - How far would you all go with geek body art?

Kranfer writes: "Recently I got myself a nice tattoo of the logo to the United Federation of the Planets pic here and I was thinking to myself... I wonder how many other programmers/admins/tech folks out there went as far as to put symbols of geek culture permanently onto their bodies. Personally, I love Star Trek, so this tattoo was quite natural, however I have been thinking of getting Tux The Penguin on my other arm. So here I am asking all you slashdotters to share your inking experiences of geek culture. What do you have? Have you had any good/experiences from having them?"

Submission + - Call for alien technology to cure climate change

Introspective writes: "Paul Hellyer, the 83 year old former Canadian defense minister is making demands for governments to release alien technology to cure climate change. Convinced that governments around the world are hoarding alien technology, he is calling for them to reveal it in order to save the planet — presumably for us all to start using alien energy sources to replace our dependency on fossil fuels. He states "We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough""

Submission + - Microsoft move could be the end of the JPEG

jcatcw writes: "Microsoft Corp. will submit a new photo format to an international standards organization. The format, HD Photo (formerly known as Windows Media Photo), can accommodate lossless and lossy compression. Microsoft claims that adjustments can be made to color balance and exposure settings that won't discard or truncate data that occurs with other bit-map formats."

Submission + - Windows XP Remote Desktop Security Hole - Account

warcriminal writes: "The default configuration of RDP (Remote Desktop) for Windows opens a pretty severe security hole. The default settings will allow an unlimited number of attempted connections to your computer, along with an unlimited number of attempts to guess username and password combinations. A simple script can be written to attempt to repeatedly connect to your computer on port 3389 (RDP Port) and brute force attack your password, in fact there are several utilities already circulating to do just that. There is no default Account Lockout that will "freeze" an account after a number of unsuccessful attempted logins. You MUST enable this manually. This article shows you how. XP-Remote-Desktop-Security-Hole — Account-Lockout"
Data Storage

Submission + - U. of Nebraska escapes Microsoft for JasperSoft

CoolAcid writes: "University of Nebraska's data warehousing expert, Amy Stephen, reports on how they made the switch from Microsoft's MSSql and Windows NT systems to The Open Source JasperSoft, coupled with a Joomla! front-end.

"Every step further into Microsoft necessitates removing freedom. By "freedom" I'm not talking about GPL freedom, but rather about freedom to use the best and breed reporting tool (JasperSoft, in this case, coupled with a Joomla! front-end), the best operating system, the best database, etc. It may well be that Microsoft has the best fit for some (perhaps many) of these needs in a given enterprise. But the odds of it offering the best solution for every need are long indeed.

Read more here at 2007/03/university_of_n.html"

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