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Comment Re:This isn't new (Score 2) 155

Motorola never claimed to be running a full featured Ubuntu or other Gnu/Linux desktop, but the functionality to do so *was* built into the phone. All of the stuff you need to install packages is there.. You just have to be willing to root the phone so you can break out of the jail.

Comment Nothing new here.... (Score 1) 155

Other than being a more recent version of the Ubuntu apps, this is no different than a non-locked down version of the 'Webtop' functionallity that comes stock with the Motorola Atrix and kin. In fact I'd would not be surprised to find bits of Motorola's open sourced webtop code in the Ubuntu for Android distribution.

Comment Re:Don't do it! (Score 1) 376

I would agree whole heartedly with that. I do a *lot* of backcountry hiking, and even though I have an Extra class license, I have never taken even so much as an HT with me. I do take a cell phone and check in with my wife when I have signal, updating her on my current position and my planned route. That way, If I don't check in she can contact the authorities with my last known position and where I would likely have gone.

Comment Re:Nice idea, but you're wasting your time (Score 1) 376

Yeah.... That's why I'm still using an HF tranciever with vacuum tube finals and pre-amp, and a tube based linear amplifier .... Because I Don't know how to use anything but an icebox radio. Yes, my license is current, and has been maintened current for the past 24 years.

By the way, a pretty obvious roll attempt. You need to work harder.

Comment Re:Don't do it! (Score 1) 376

I don't think any amateur radio op has misrepresented that the *only* purpose of the service is for emergency communications.

The fact is, the legislative history shows that the government interest in Amateur Radio is for emergency communications. The promotion of the radio arts, the maintaining of a pool of people trained in those arts and the experimentation in those arts are all intended to provide people and technologies that can be used in an emergency.

Comment Re:Don't do it! (Score 1) 376

The "comma" provides the reason for all of the other things, which is for Emergency Communications. To argue otherwise is inane.

If Emergency Communications is not the prime reason, then we *will* lose our bandwidth to entities willing to pay a lot more than we can.

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