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Comment Lightning - I need it to help my OCD (Score 1) 378

Was there any mention if their efforts to maintain lightning would lighten ? I have an obsessive compulsive need*** to put all actives I plan on doing in a calendar and would [have in the past] literally start writing on my arm in waterproof ink if my Google Calendars can't be accessed from Thunderbird. I also have an obsessive compulsive need to have the same look and feel between apps and as a result struggle with Gmail and Gcal in the browser. And yes I had to stop to alter my daily agenda to allow extra time in my morning web surfing activities to post this message. ***I frequently dream about what activities I plan on doing the next day, down to extreme detail, down to when I think I will take toilet breaks. This leads to frequent cases of Deja Vu as I am compelled to carry out those activities are planned.

Comment Re:So why the push for Unity? (Score 1) 155

Because in due course we'll have Unity across all of these form factors. For now, however, Android is better on the phone UI than Unity, and so we're making it possible for people to start converging on the phone today with Android rather than waiting months for the Ubuntu phone UI itself.

You speak in the first person, are you involved with this project ?

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 372

10 year transition at a minimum. A few examples: Office 2010 has and extended support until 2020. SQL 2012 will have extended support until 2022 (and uses win32 traditional desktop based GUI tools for management, maintenance and development). This means keeping Windows 8 around for a long time OR Windows 9 and possibly Windows 10 having to support the traditional Windows desktop.

Comment Only GPL'd if you use GPL'd code (Score 1) 571

An addon/plugin/extension/theme will only inherit the GPL if it in any way uses GPL code. If you write some code that uses a published API [document or by observing executing code] and do not view the source code that provides the interface and therefore do not copy ANY GPL'd code how can your code inherit the GPL licence ?
Linux Business

Microsoft Attacks Linux With Retail-Training Talking Points 681

DesiVideoGamer writes "Over at, a user has posted screen-shots from Microsoft's 'ExpertZone' training course entitled 'Linux vs. Windows 7.' This course is available to BestBuy employees and will make them eligible for a $10 copy of Windows 7 upon completion." The screenshots linked show at least some creative interpretations of the state of Linux vs. Windows on a wide range of things, from media playback and video conferencing to ease of updates to (of all things) keeping your PCs "safer." Most of the claims, though, aren't concrete enough to be perfectly refuted. Writes DesiVideoGamer, "I think I now know why, when I enter BestBuy, the employees say the odd lies that they do."

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