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Comment Re:When everything you do (Score 1) 541

And yet, many distributions are moving to it.

Unless there is some kind of Super Secret Linux Conspiracy[...]

I think that rather than "conspiracy", a lot of the distros starting to use it can be attributed to systemd making themselves a dependency of so much, coupled to the general problems of getting a distro out the door, and you simply ended up with the devs going "fuck it, I'm tired of tearing out all this crap". In addition, since it's simply easier to take from upstream (and add your "flavor" on top), it ends up simply being a cascade -- oh, Debian stable is systemd, so now Ubuntu 16.04 is, and in turn Mint 18 is (and whatever other distros that're downstream of Debian Stable or Ubuntu)

So, you end up with the only way to get away from it is either something completely different (e.g. Slackware), or a fork (e.g. Devuan), and then, if you so choose, further forking and re-building the things that systemd has hooked itself into (or forgoing those things in favor of something else). And well, that takes a lot of effort, and not everyone is inclined to provide the effort, or has the means to help even if they want to; not to mention the inability (for reasons outside their control) to wait for these things to be "fixed".

Comment Re:loyalty is a two-way street (Score 1) 765

But ten thousand people using a phrase one way while only one person clings to using it the old way does make them right. Language evolves and popular usage becomes the correct usage over time.

And in 500 years, we'll be watering plants with Brawndo - because it has what plants crave, it has electrolytes.

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