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Comment Re:Mozilla is selling out (Score 1) 453

If the Facebook/Twitter integration is only a shortcut for sharing content, wouldn't it be just a slightly different bookmark? I doubt that would bring much more bloat than the bookmark feature? As for the Taskbar web app/Site specific browser thing, that seems to be a HTML-based feature rather than adding website specific code in the browser...

Though I'm using Chrome instead of Firefox because Firefox used to feel pretty slow, so I can't say I completely disagree with the possibility of Firefox being bloated. Does version 4 feel any lighter?

Comment Re:History (Score 1) 156

Argh, you're right! After playing this game for not even a minute I had to spend several minutes playing "click every checkbox" to clear the trash from my Google Chrome history.

It was just like FarmVille all over again!

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 169

I had java disabled in Chrome and the latest java update re-enabled it. Ideally, disabling java should be the default and it should have an entry in the GUI settings menu. No need for a security nightmare VM to be ready to run at any webpage's request.

There is an option for making all plugins run-on-click instead of auto-run, this affects both Flash and Java applets. about:flags to enable it, then settings > advanced > contents (roughly) to select it.

Comment Re:What about cell phones? (Score 1) 450

I usually just turn the volume down to a level where it doesn't block off all other sounds. Using open headphones instead of closed ones (or earbuds) may also help.

But then again, I guess it depends on the traffic in your city. If you live in a city where the traffic is so noisy that it's pointless to try and listen to music without pretty loud volume, then I guess it's dangerous to listen to music while walking.

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