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Comment $5.99 for CBS???? (Score 2) 85

Sure, I'll give CBS $5.99, NBC $5.99, TBS $5.99, ect, ect, ect. Just that fact that every network thinks they need their own on demand distribution channel is enough to make me avoid any of them all together. If they would all back Netflix or Hulu or NextBigThingStreamer with past and current content I'd have no problem paying $40+ a month even with limited commercials. Other than thinking they need to increase their margin quarter after quarter while paying Ashton Kutcher $1 million an episode for 2 and half men....really, $100,000 would be reasonably excessive, $1 million is ludicrously, stupidly, %$&%$ing excessive. There's no reason they they can't a have a good business without being greedy bitches. I know it's America but the golden age of Hollywood is over. They need to realize there's millions of people on Youtube willing to entertain for far less and they need to learn to compete.

Comment 2048x1536 Samsung in 16:9 aspect (Score 1) 565

I run 2 of these now discountinued monitors and love them. Still some available on the refurb market. I paid less than $200 each some 3 years ago. These work out to a 98 ppi density, which is damn close the retina definition. They are relative plan monitors that should have been marketed better and they would still be around IMHO. Find it funny that people are complaining about the lack of high resolution displays at reasonable prices, when one existed and flopped because people were afraid to lose a few FPS.

Comment Get out and support your artists (Score 1) 355

Want to fight piracy, pay your artists. I've know this for years, used to play WoW with a singer for a band that averaged around 300,000 albums sells per release. He told me about 75% of his income was t-shirt sales at the venue, 20% earnings for playing on tour and less than 5% were CD/Online sales; on a good year he'd make low 6 figures. If you want to support record studios, the RIAA and media companies by all means go out and buy every CD you can afford. If you want to support the artist, steal the CD and go to a concert; buy a shirt while your there. The artist is likely to make more off that shirt sale then if you bought their entire discography. CD releases are a promotional tool, only the biggest artists make any real money off them but the studios clean up regardless. Listen free on youtube, pandora or one of the other free options and go to concerts, buy an overprices t-shirt or two and you will be doing more to support an artist then anyone sitting around listening to their iPod or CD player. This analogy works for movies as well, like an actor see their movie in the theater when they get their biggest cut. Want to support MGM, Sony, ect... buy the DVD or Blueray. This the reason the production companys are in such an uproar over piracy, they are losing their share while crying save the artists.

Comment Re:Here's an example of market failure (Score 1) 591

DVD, WTF is that and why do we still have them. Sure they make great coasters and fill shelves that would otherwise lie empty, but really serve no other significant purpose. This is just another part of why it's easier to pirate then buy things legitimately.......

Netflix and Hulu have it right IMHO. If all the studios would back them and make their entire libraries, minus the standard theatrical release window, available through services like these there would be no need for DVDs, cable, satellite or any of the traditional distribution methods that the studios, as well as uninformed consumers, cling to like a sinking ship; all the while complaining about how cold the knee deep water is. If you want to minimize piracy, give me a distribution channel that can compete and at a reasonable price. Think along the lines of what you currently pay for cable.

As for TV series on DVD, my personal favorite failure is the Simpsons. It only took them like 10 years to catch up with current episodes on DVD, I could pirate them the day they aired 20 years ago.

Comment Rather large micro transactions. (Score 1) 125

The thing that gets me in the size of the these "micro" transactions. Seriously, $99 for Smurfs on mobile game is crazy, that's the price of 2 full blown console games and all that does is get you in the door to buy more shit. While this an extreme, and obviously exploitative example it is far from uncommon. I mean look at WoW, $15 to dollars to move a character after realizing the server you leveled on has shit for end game potential, this should be a free but limited service to improve the player experience. $15 for a an in game pet, yes I know a portion goes to charity but its a damn pet. Throw in there DLC, I quit playing my Xbox partial because it really pissed me off when I bought Dragon Age and not 10 hours in they where hitting me up for more money to unlock a quest line. A hour or so extra content? Two bucks? Nope more like 15.... WTF does that come a kiss?

While I don't really have a huge problem with the idea of micro transactions, keep them micro. In game item, 1-2 dollars max. Extra hour of content, less than a dollar. Any more then that I can find a plethora of other things in real life that offer more bang of the buck. Personally I evaluate games by price/per of playtime. I refuse to pay $50 for game that is going to keep my attention for less then 50 hours, yes this can include multi-player and overall replayability, any less that and it probably wasn't very fun away.

Just my 2 cents....

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