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Comment Tough for small online businesses (Score 1) 91

This is a big problem for small businesses there who use Paypal for payment processing, especially when they do most of their selling through sites such as eBay -- suddenly they suddenly have to find another solution. Apparently many people are looking into setting up bank accounts outside of Turkey to get around it; one of the options a lot of people are considering is Estonia's e-Resident scheme, which allows you to register your company and use a bank account in Estonia.

Comment Re:spoonful of sugar (Score 1) 263

In art school, there wasn't a lot of criticism, and they were nice about it -- tried to encourage you a lot. However, when I started working as an animator, if there was something wrong with a scene it had to be redone. If you didn't do it right, you didn't get paid. So, you learn pretty quickly not to be too sensitive to criticism.

Comment Cartoon or Comic? (Score 1) 74

Pick one and do it well. Primitive animation can be funny or cute, but it needs to be designed with that in mind - as a low budget animation, something which will be shown on screen rather than in print. This can work on a small screen quite well. If you want to make a comic though, tacking on a few sound effects and screen wipes really adds very little, and is more likely to disrupt the experience.

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