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Comment Washing Out (Score 1) 265

As one of the aforementioned washouts of CS, the reasons why people went in to it we're always vague in my class. I asked multiple people and not one of them could tell me what a computer scientist really does, besides the odd answer of "programming and shit". Not only we're visions of cash in their heads, but often promoted by the teachers. I left after losing it against all that theoretical frigging math and the professors who couldn't speak English at all trying to write all the notes in pure mathematic notation, with no understandable explanation. I enrolled in a college for basic IT work, and not only am I happier with it, I feel like I'm learning more. I still talk to a few of the old co-students, and it's a split between doing alright and scraping hard and being miserable. The odd person thinks I'm wasting my time, but they never spent their Thursday nights screaming and ranting in the RIM parking lots with a donair in their hand, or being so stressed out they couldn't read a menu. It's probably just me though; I'm more into the physical side of computers, with the odd bit of play in code land.

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