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Submission + - Cisco says, "All your Routers are Belong to Us" ( 1

Myrv writes: Reports have starting popping up that Cisco is pushing out and automatically (without permission) installing their new Cloud Connect firmware on consumer routers. The new firmware removes the users ability to login and administer the router locally. You now must configure the router using Cisco's Cloud connect service. If that wasn't bad enough the fine print for this new service allows Cisco to track your complete internet history. Currently it appears the only way to disable the Cloud Connect service is to unplug your from the internet.

Submission + - Sears forces Reddit to remove post with URL hack

Myrv writes: Spez of Reddit fame reveals he was ordered to remove a posting about's laughably easy to hack URLs. The post in question linked (screenshot) to a fairly old and simple URL hack that allows users to spoof categories for products on the website. It's not clear who did the ordering but Spez does admit lawyers got involved . Some speculate this TMZ post was what spurred the take down notice.

Submission + - Obama Asks Congress to Postpone Digital TV

Myrv writes: With less than 2 months before the government mandated switch to Digital Television the Obama Team has requested congress postpone the transition. Citing failure of the Digital Converter Coupon Program Obama and others want the switch delayed. No word on what such a delay would mean for the winners of the 2008 wireless spectrum auction who bid over $19 billion on the frequencies intended to be freed after the switch.

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