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Comment It makes sense. (Score 1) 211

No, hear me out... When negotiating, it makes sense to demand the moon in your first round. If you get it, great, if you don't, you can scrap the unrealistic clauses and be seen as attempting to be reasonable. I don't agree with it (I think this copyright bill is complete BS), but I suspect that's what's happening here.

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 223

How about this: You get sedated during the "conciousness" transfer (no experiences). When the transfer is complete, the meatspace body is killed, still unconcious, and the robot body/brain is brought online. How is this different from undergoing any sort of surgery that calls for general anesthesia?

Comment Re:Shame the ground game sucks. (Score 1) 62

I agree, but for a different reason -- I literally can't play the ground game when there are more than about 5 people around (It takes me about 45 minutes just to switch ships at spacedock)!. I mean seriously, Cryptic, is it that much harder to render 5 or 6 people walking around than it is to render massive spacefights flawlessly? Even twenty-man fleet actions seem to work fairly good.

Comment Re:It's One of Those Days (Score 3, Funny) 154

Even better solution -- a guy on one of the forums I frequent had a collection agency that kept on harassing him because of someone else who previously had that number. He also had a home asterisk setup. He routed the collection agency's number back to their own front desk, and recorded the calls -- apparently there was about a week of the secretary and the collections agent swearing at each other several times a day, and then they mysteriously stopped calling...

Comment Reverse VNC (Score 1) 454

Try setting up a reverse VNC connection. We use a custom VNC server at work (made from examples in the source code), so that all a client has to do is run one file and type in a computer name. Since the connection is originated from within the firewall, in most situations it doesn't cause any problems. This is the way to go -- secure, quicker than LogMeIn, and since about 2/3 of our clients aren't QUITE sure that this new-fangled intertube thingy isn't a plot by the "man", it works out quite well.

Comment Re:Urban jungles (Score 1) 538

Yes, we have one or two weeks of -50C weather a year... Other than that it's usually in the -20c range, which isn't that bad. You didn't mention the upside to cold weather, however: It doesn't get blindingly hot here, and it's a lot easier to keep warm than it is to stay cool.

Comment Re:Foul play (Score 1) 238

... someone if they got the identity by subtrefuge, but if the identity is gained through illagel means, that's different. Or should be, at least.

hmmm... I read this as "got the identity by centrifuge", which could be an interesting process... Modded -1, posterneedsmoresleep

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