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Comment Just a few steps needed ... (Score 1) 387

1. let go of any genesis type theories. Just because we need a beginning and an end does not mean the universe does.
2. See the universe as infinite, border less and stretching beyond any horizon possible. It's just not measurable by human standards.
3. Focus on exploring not the farthest but our nearest objects. We still need warp drive ... lol.

Comment My guess is... (Score 1) 242

.... the bribe wasn't high enough and Apple called their bluff and lost. Why? src.

"However, Apple's products were not considered to be in this category, said the official, who has direct knowledge of the matter.

He declined to be named as the decision by the finance ministry is not public. A finance ministry spokesman was not immediately available for comment."

So a secret decision uh?

Comment Just waiting for hackers to exploit and even .... (Score 1) 487

I think this might even facilitate wardriving on a huge scale. And M$ to blame for it. Storing a password via outlook on a M$ server? Even hashed it's just a matter of time and GCPU power before its cracked. Using cheap 2n hand Titan cards and some nifty written piece of cuda software ...

Or is this the new NSA backdoor?

Comment It's big companies, not consumers!!! (Score 1) 78

I'm a 'big' pc user, no less than 10 around the house. But the most of them being second hand or even older. Re-using my old hardware is a normal way of saving money. And stuff I don't use anymore is being sold again or given away to people with a need for it.

It's big companies who sell-off their old crappy hardware to wholesale buyers and then it end's up in Accra, Africa.
Instead of finding close range solutions like donating to schools, unemployed and poor they want a buck or more for it.
And I'm not even talking about companies who replace their entire fleet every 3 years.
That's just nasty to my point of view.

Comment Re:The Big Bang Is Obsolete (Score 1) 157

It's human to think the universe has boundaries as our lives self are within the strict boundaries of our own dogma's. Even imagining that something just might be eternal and endless is for the brightest scientists a mere impossible task.

Let alone religious people ... they sometimes still believe Earth is the center of the universe.

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