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Comment Re:Figured it'd happen (Score 1) 507

These aren't your everyday jailbreakers, they're the people that found the exploits that allow jailbreaking. There's no indication that they're banning everyday jailbreakers, or AFAIK that they know which devices have been jailbroken. It seems all they did is search though apple ids for some dev team handles.

Comment Re:Blimps maybe? (Score 3, Interesting) 345

The letter refers to moving people not freight (I think, I can't find it in the journal). The commuter trains weight is dominated by the rolling stock which has to be accelerated after each stop making it far less efficient than for freight.

I've done some quick calculations in the past and come to the same conclusions more or less. The CO2 emitted per person per mile by planes, fairly full light rail and efficient cars is remarkably similar. I guess this isn't too surprising since the total cost per mile (for people) is also similar. Carpooling makes driving fairly environmentally friendly compared to rail. By far the most green form of transport is a full bus, but that doesn't happen often, especially where I live in LA.

The bigger problem with planes is that this is all per mile and you can travel 8000 miles in a day - equivalent to most peoples years commute.

Comment Link to full paper (Score 5, Informative) 167

For those interested the full paper is here. Apart from a couple of cosmological parameters they don't really improve previous estimates. It's still nice though that all the parameters agree very well with the previous (CMB + Supernova 1a) data with a completely independent method, hence the confirmation talk. I think though if there had been disagreement our understanding of clusters would have been blamed first. So in some senses this confirmed the current cluster models more than the cosmological constant, but that's not as 'sexy'!

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