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Skype Releases Open SDK 108

An anonymous reader writes "SkypeKit gives Linux developers access to core functionality, allowing Linux developers to add video, calling, and instant messaging features to desktop applications. The SDK also comes with the freshly royalty-free SILK codec for high-end audio. Skype is hoping that the inclusion of SILK will popularize the codec, extending its reach. Currently, the SkypeKit beta is only available for Linux on an invite-only basis, with Windows and Mac versions planned in coming weeks. The SDK does not cover Android or Mac, an odd choice considering the announcement of SkypeKit championed itself for extending the functionality of Skype to multiple platforms and devices. Including smartphones in the SDK seems like an obvious move." Ars Technica has a rundown, too.

HTC Dragging Feet On GPL Source Release For "Hero" Phone 181

Squiff writes to mention that despite being based on the Open Handset Alliance's Android platform and using several open source components, HTC are effectively refusing to release the source for the GPL parts of their "Hero" Phone code, saying that they are "waiting for their developers to provide it." It has been called an "object of lust," it's beating the iPhone for awards, and it seems to be the first Android phone that really is "the phone to have," to hear some people tell it. It has also just become available in the US after a June release in Europe.

Comment Anyone remember the Lockheed Martin X-33... (Score 1) 189

The reusable launch vehicle that whose prototype was 85% assembled with 96% of the parts and the launch facility 100%? Only to be cancelled in 2001? Yeah, me neither. Oh, and it's all still there and Lockheed is still working on similar airframe prototypes, even going as far as successfuly testing 1/5th scale updated models? Why are we spending all of this money on Ares when it is riddled with problems like...say...shaking the astronauts to death on launch? Ares is a joke. If anything, we should just dig-up the Saturn V plans, take the best from it, and then build a craft that has 2009 technologies in it instead of reinventing the wheel. The whole idea of saving money by using the Shuttle SRBs has been completely negated by the fact that the ship built on that concept is a complete clusterfuck and is costing more than if we had just started over from scratch.

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