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Comment Re:Trademarks protect purchasers, not sellers (Score 2) 72

Uh, no. It's not a standards mark but an indicator of origin. I may think Foo brand shoes suck, but if I want genuine Foo for whatever reason, I want to know I'm buying genuine Foo. Maybe their quality sucks but they're made in a well-respected factory in Colorado, they treat their employees well, and they only emit pure oxygen and distilled water from their factories. The Chinese knockoffs might be better, but I want the Colorado-made product. The whole point of trademarks is that only Foo can claim to make Foo shoes.

Comment Free Apple TV - that's kinda cool (Score 1) 80

From the article:

Customers can get an Apple TV included with 3 months pre-paid of any DIRECTV NOW package.

The base 32GB Apple TV is currently $149. Looking at it another way, AT&T will sell you an Apple TV at a $44 discount and throw in three free months of live TV programming. That's actually a sweet deal.

PS: This is the first and probably only time you'll hear me describe anything from AT&T as being a decent value.

PPS: In before "apple tv sucks fanboyz lol etc". I have an Apple TV and I like it. You may prefer something else. Yay, here's your cookie. But if you were thinking about buying an Apple TV for Christmas, here's a $44 coupon off.

Comment Trademarks protect purchasers, not sellers (Score 4, Interesting) 72

That's great news! Trademarks are the one part of IP I can happily support. If I want to buy Foo brand shoes, and I see a shoebox marked with Foo's logo, I want to be reasonably sure that it actually contains Foo-approved shoes. Sure, people try to abuse trademarks ("you're not allowed to use our name in a news article criticizing us!" and other jackassery), but the actual concept of trademarks is great. This is the kind of IP law enforcement I actually want to see.

Comment Re:This is not solved with software. (Score 1) 291

or trying to figure out how to block the driver and let the precious snowflakes in the other seats continue to feed their cellular addictions.

Oh, get over yourself. I ride a bus to work every day. I don't think it's special-snowflakeism to want to read the news while we're trudging along for half an hour. And before your start in with neo-Luddite "ever heard of a book", have you ever tried reading long-form text on public transit? This situation is practically what Twitter and was invented for.

Comment 4k on 2560x1440 and 1080p monitors (Score 3, Interesting) 126

4k looks night and day different on a 1080p monitor compared to a normal 1080p blueray. When downsampled, the picture looks more detailed.

There are some 4k nature demos on youtube, using chrome you can test multiple resolutions, 4k/2k/1080 on your monitor and test for yourself the difference.
4k sampled down, I can see higher detail in the water compared to a 2k resampled. Check out the Nature Relaxation channel to check out its demo videos, they are watermarked, but make great test videos.

I saw a video blog that said the reason that 4k on a 1080p looks so well, is the 4 pixel blocks downsampled are no longer sharing chroma, but each pixel is independent, so the higher detail. (I'm recalling from memory, so forgive me if I'm wrong).

I have a 2560x1400, and 4k looks great even it. So people who say you can see a difference, really need to try some of those 4k youtube videos on chrome.

Comment Re:Get a frigging case (Score 1) 478

Or - and I know this is crazy - actually use that cloud thing the kids are talking about.

It doesn't have to be someone else's. I have a home NAS (which is solidly in the category of "things people who would need a MacBook Pro would likely benefit from having anyway"). It stores all our ripped CDs and DVDs, and when I'm at home I can play all of those directly off the network share. If I'm traveling, I can download the stuff I want to take with me. If I forget something, I can download it from my NAS while I'm on the road.

So basically my laptop has the properties you're describing: I can be home plugged in to power and with several TB of fast local network storage, or I can be traveling with a lightweight laptop without all the things I don't need when I'm not in my living room.

Comment Site License (Score 3, Informative) 170

Oracle tried to do this when I was ATT Wireless, we had a site license for oracle. When we ran a contact address book with multiple users, oracle tried to make us pay per server, then tried pay per user for millions of users. Oracle kept calling me in operations to try to get me to pay, I passed it onto legal and they smacked the shit outta them.

We had a great deal, 5 or so million a year for an unlimited license, and you can believe me, everywhere a database was needed, we ran mostly oracle.

(This was 10+ years ago, so Who knows now)

Comment They flag everyones political leaning (Score 2) 68

They do a fair bit of herding people and hiding content. First they determine a persons political status, then they only show you stories based on your favorites, while avoiding triggering stories. They limit/censor what posts show up in your feeds. They have multiple lawsuits on leaving hate groups that they agree with, anti-Israel, gun groups, conservative media. Its not even a guess, its already been verified by multiple media outlets.

Everyone knows they jumped the shark, as a discussion medium it sucks.

Comment Wiki wars (Score 2) 171

Real drama is in the talk pages. Check ones like how dangerous pit bulls and whether its owners vs breeds, gamergate, mens rights, any politician, politics, political view, etc.

Basically anything with a point of view, will slant to the left, that's because more editors are of leftish ideology, and wikipedia staff are mostly leftist.

The article itself says it has a slight leaning left, what is "slight" in numbers, 10%, 20%?

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