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Comment Better options (Score 1) 521

I won't post again why wiping out mosquitoes is a terrible idea, someone else has already done that but ill link to a paper in nature from the lab my partner works in. They are infecting mosquitoes with a naturally occurring bacteria called Wolbachia that prevents the spread of Dengue but doesnt harm mosquito populations. There are ongoing field trials going on here in Australia and similar research in Vietnam. Seems like a much safer option to me... http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v476/n7361/full/nature10355.html

Comment More likely scenario... (Score 1) 575

Facebook will patch it's application and gateway servers the day before to prevent any known exploits. "Anonymous" will sit around on November 5 waiting in vain for someone to find a new 'sploit and update whatever the hacker version of metasploit or backtrack is or attempt a DDOS against a site designed to handle millions of concurrent users and fail. Either way I don't see anything happening.

Comment Re:And to think... (Score 1) 152

Maybe someone here can explain to me what is so "awesome" about Keen other than it being made by Id? Not trying to troll, I just don't get it. I mean sure, it was a decent platformer, but platformers were a dime a dozen then and really weren't a big whoop.


So I'm sorry but I don't get it. What did Keen bring to the table that hadn't been done a million times before in the genre? What innovations did it bring? Hell to me celebrating Keen makes about as much sense as singling out one of the million corridor shooters that came out after Wolfenstein for praise. What am I missing here?

That's easy. A pogo stick.

Comment Re:Now does everyone realise (Score 1) 225

Im slightly fence sitting on climate change as well, I've read good arguments both ways but that doesn't mean reducing pollution (or at least not subsiding it for ~$10 billion a year), the prevention of old growth logging, removing our reliance of fossil fuels etc isnt a good idea. Man I'm sounding like a Captain Planet theme song here but too many people seem to think a vote for the Greens is the equivalent of a donkey vote.

Comment Re:Now does everyone realise (Score 1) 225

Yes I do. Removing all the ridiculous tax breaks for the rich and high polluting industries as they'd plan to do would give them all the cash they need for it. It's a moot point though as their planned target is 25% by 2020 Nuclear power I'm not so worried about but if it's possible and feasible to get all our power from renewable sources I don't think that's a bad ambition. Their other policies on Environmental and Humanitarian issues just make sense as well. Im not deluded enough to think they'd ever get in power but voting for them puts a relatively sane voice in parliament and besides, it makes me feel good about myself.

Comment Now does everyone realise (Score 4, Insightful) 225

...that Bob Brown is the best choice for PM, The Greens really have the only policies that make sense. Can you all imagine no Labor or Liberal bastards calling the shots and the country actually being run by someone who cares about it rather than these insane power hungry pollies with mad personal agendas to fulfill.

Comment Re:Wait. 2-D is an option? (Score 1) 386

Did you have issues with the old style 3D films with green and red glasses or have you tried the newer ones and is your condition something like Amblyiopia? If so give the new 3D films a shot or go to your local cinema and ask if you can see a minute of a 3D film just to see if you can view it properly, its a different process completely and I have friends who couldnt see the old style films properly but can see the new ones fine.

Comment Re:Similar problem happened to me (Score 1) 386

If it wasn't a digital print then there's no chance they're going to show the start again, you can't just rewind a projector and play it back and they're running to a pretty tight schedule, more to the point it took you 10 minutes to let someone know there was a problem with the screen? Its an issue that takes half a second to fix, get up and tell someone, the projectionists cant be watching all the screens at all time.

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