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Comment Re:Aging? (Score 1) 145

What? Desi coders read documentation? I thought the standard operating procedure for desi shops is to mark the project done, when it compiles. It does not run? File defect report!

They have gone a level above, test-driven-development to user filed critical defects driven development. Why pay for QA when the users will do the testing for free?

Comment Is it that hard? (Score 1) 83

Penetrating networks airgapped from the internet is difficult, and this novel technique is interesting. But, in the real world, dropping a few thumb drives with malware in the parking lots or getting people to listen/watch music CD/movie DVDs with a malware payload seems to have been very effective. Bribing a janitor to plug in a thumbdrive in an exposed usb port of a computer is a lot easier.

Comment Re:Can I get that e-mail? (Score 5, Funny) 65

Dear Mr ZiakII(829432),

My name is Abooloosaa Qui`d Ubololso, Prince, and Son of a Prince, and Grandson of a Prince, who called the river bo, the sky so`ck.

I am in possession of a bank account that holds 15.4 million dollars. This money was conned out of a foolish American businessman. But unfortunately, before we could empty the account, our ring leader has been arrested. For legal reasons I can not appear in person to collect the money.

Please help me present you as the rightful owner of that money, a foolish man, conned by us. Once you take possession of the money, I plead with you to be honest and give us our fair share, just 5 million dollars. The rest you can keep for your efforts.

Please contact me ...

Comment Re:Cut 'n Paste (Score 0, Redundant) 99

The bludgeon with which Microsoft killed all its competition was a killer feature called WYSIWYG. It integrated formatting with content with ridiculous things like the default printer. Change the printer and suddenly all the fonts not supported by the printer will be replaced by some other supported font. All the managers who are still in Microsoft have been promoted to positions way beyond their competence and they all worship at the altar of WYSISWYG, the God that delivered them de-facto monopoly. They all believe they have offended their God and that is why they are getting thulpped and schlupped and run circles around in the market place. And then continue to do chicken sacrifices and breaking 108 coconuts hoping their God will be pacified and will shower them with bounty once again.

They took HTML designed to from ground up to separate content from formatting, with graceful degradation of performance on less powerful hardware as the design goal. And slapped it, and whipped it into submission to make Word document display exactly as it is in HTML.

The damage Microsoft has done to computing will take decades to reverse.

Comment Re:Why does this matter? (Score 5, Insightful) 704

Even Sanders realizes that the bias of DNC is not the reason he lost. If he thinks the election was stolen from him, he would not have endorsed HRC as strongly as he did. The email shows the normal palace intrigue, backstabbing and gossip. It is not even as embarrassing as the Sony leak. No ethnic jokes, no racist jokes being forwarded.

If you put a secret microphone near the watercooler of any American company and release raw audio and transcript of all the talk, you would find lot more sleazy things than what you find in the DNC email dump.

Comment Gains resolution, loses brightness (Score 1) 100

First all the viewers must sit quite still and not move outside a narrow band in their seats. Even after that each seat gets a slice projected to it. Though the projected image fills your field of vision, it is a narrow slice and the brightness perceived will be less. Anyway the effect will be more like the 3D image on printed magazine covers like Nat Geo. With color bleeding fringing and 3D in some small central area and quite blurry in the periphery.

Comment What? 99% of land not used? (Score 4, Informative) 203

I have traveled in India extensively in trains. My mom has actually dissolved baby formula in the condensed steam from the locomotives to feed me. (Indian loco drivers are kind to mothers traveling with infants). No, 99% of the land is not being left untouched. Even while traveling through the Western ghats and all the tunnels, or through the Chambal valley in Madya Pradesh, through the Vindhyas ranges, or Aravalli ranges ... The signs of human habitation are ubiquitous.

Farming every tiny itsy bitsy pieces of flat ground, herding goats and cows in the slopes strewn with rock, making one wonder what do these goats eat? rocks? There are no untouched pieces of virgin forests left in India. Not in significant quantities.

Comment Re:well well well (Score 3, Insightful) 769

What the email actually say are normal intra party politics, back stabbing and intrigue. They have not found corruption, extortion or even racist jokes being forwarded. In fact for an email dump it is pretty innocuous. Some embarrassment for some. Debbie seems to be the one they are throwing under the bus. ( She actually looks like Mrs Frizzle from The Magic School bus).

But I am also intrigued by the Russians deciding to help Trump. Foreign powers meddling with our elections, swaying our public opinion we should be very very wary about. It is definitely illegal for foreign entities to give campaign contributions. It seems to be some sort of in kind contribution. That Russia does not want Hillary seems to be a very big plus point in her favor.

Comment Backups are really painful in fishing expeditions (Score 1) 80

The IT Gods of our company have implemented some really serious backup and security measures. Something called Bit9 randomly kills my compilation process, the Mozy backup locks the file right in the middle of a git pull --rebase origin master resolving merge conflicts. The damned backup system takes two cores out of my 32 core machine 24/7 constantly. It backsup debug logs and regression suite temp files every 30 minutes. My unit testing script churns through 10 GB of scratch files every night. All I care about it is the the line "Unit test run: 12474, passed 12474, 100%". But all night long Mozy has been backing up the scratch files dutifully. Where it is storing it, how much it is charging our company .... god only knows.

It is so bad that no developer in our company has used Mozy to recovery anything successfully. You launch the recovery dialog, wait for it to populate the file tree and recovery sets. It spins and spins and spins. We give up. It seems to be some tool meant for office application, some spreadsheets and documents all manually created. How many documents can you physically type up every day? It works at that load. Deployed on a development work station, that downloads some 45 GB of source code in some 20 repos, with daily pulls and rebases, developers maintaining multiple views, running regression suites and unit tests, we easily generate 10 GB of data per day per developer spanning easily 20000 machine generated files. All I touched were three source files, and approved one pull request, boom 10GB!

Yahoo emails are all manually typed. It does not have to contend with this level of machine generated derived objects and data files. But it is not dealing with a 200 developers, it is dealing with several million users. They could be churning through this much of data in their image files and video/audio clips. It will take significant effort and cost to recover anything from backups.

There is however, one developer who actually found something very interesting. We don't have wait for the recovery sets dialog to populate. If you know precisely the entire absolute path name to a file that was deleted you could type it as the wheel it spinning and it can be found relatively easily, he said. So yeah, if you know precisely the name of the blob that want to recovery, may be you can. But to go on a fishing expedition finding all files that existed on a particular day it well nigh impossible.

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