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Comment Re:A theory I'd love to see tested. (Score 3, Informative) 364

Have you ever seen the sun? It is far enough away to essentially be considered a point light source. There is no significant difference in the amount of insolation between the hemispheres, except for the fact that the earth is closer during the southern hemisphere's summer, causing the summers there to be sunnier and the winters darker than in the northern hemisphere. Overall, southern hemisphere insolation is higher.

Comment Re:My Heart and my head (Score 1) 492

My heart says... go get that bastard who did this.

My head says... that's a violation of privacy expectations. No one expects their details to be released to other users of the system. In this case it was perhaps justified, but if they open the door there will be other requests for private information, some less just.

Just because it is on the internet does not automatically convey the right to privacy. I'm all in favour of anonymous services to protect freedom of speech, etc. but I expect the right to privacy walking down a public street. If someone assaults me on that street, I don't care about his right to privacy, I want him arrested.

Comment Re:A confused article (Score 1) 220

Houston seems be benefitting from excess wind production in other areas of the state, many of which are at substantially negative cost. Why would anyone sell wind turbine power at negative cost? Wouldn't it make more sense to shut the turbine down and spare the maintenance? The answer is the subsidies. Many wind farms make much more from the subsidies than their actual function of providing power.

Negative cost given the infrastructural investment, or negative cost compared to maintenance? If you've already paid for and built your turbines, some loss is still better than total loss.

Comment Re:US Exports (Score 1) 220

The US exports lots of stuff. Here are the top 10 categories of exports. Machines, electronics, aircraft, vehicles, oil, medical technology, plastics, gems/metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals. The US is the second largest export economy in the world behind China. In 2014 the US exported roughly $1.45 Trillion in goods

That may all be true, but neither the USA or China are anywhere near the top of the list when it comes to exports per capita. That actually make a lot of sense though, as smaller economies are more likely to have certain industries that simply aren't present in them, and to have both larger imports and exports per capita than larger nations. At the end of the day, the exact number for exports doesn't really matter. What matters is, as was pointed out by Type44Q, whether you have a surplus or deficit. I don't know if this is included in statistics that are released, but for an even better picture you should also include repatriated monies, such as profits from overseas subsidiaries coming into the country, or foreign workers sending money home to their families abroad.

Comment Re:Credible study? (Score 1) 279

The hypothesis doesn't really make sense. Chimpanzees do not practice monogamy, yet sex between chimps lasts a few seconds. In a pack or herd animal, the difference between spending a few seconds and spending a few minutes penetrating a female makes a negligible difference to that female's general availability: the male is still not going to be inside her for hours of the day. Oh, and chimpanzees do have a baculum, so the correlation is simply not there between longer intercourse and existence of a baculum.

I agree, the hypothesis does seem suspect, and I have no problem with someone saying that. I just object to rabid, frothing at the mouth ranting about how it is obviously part of some anti-male plot. The post I replied to called it a study by women about man issues. If the poster had read the actual article, he would have seen that the study was run by a man called Kit Opie.

Comment Re:Credible study? (Score 1) 279

Studies by women about man issues warrants 0% credibility.

We all know that these feminist have a political agenda of man-bashing. There's an all out war against masculinity by female marxist all around the world. ./ that I started reading in 1999, is now very inflitrated by left-marxist thinking.

How is this a "man issue"? It is a scientific study regarding a particular piece of evolutionary history. Do you have an issue? Are you suffering from penis-bone envy?

Comment Re:Paper states 6 degrees (Score 1) 293

Why we would see methane release now when it wasn't (apparently, due to lack of runaway warming) 8000 years ago still stands, supported by peer-reviewed science.

I don't know if this is the reason, but I'll offer a possible reason: perhaps the methane was not there 8000 years ago? We are talking about anaerobic bogs; these grow over time. There are lots of them around where I live. In the immediate aftermath of the last glacial maximum there would have been nothing there but stone, boulder clay, gravel and lakes.

Comment Re:between 3 and 10 Mb/s is slow? (Score 1) 209

Cue the Four Yorkshiremen. Or Louis CK's classic rant.

Seriously, you have to remember how far we've come and how fast. My college age kids might remember dial-up modems but probably not. Today one plans her outings around whether there's free public WiFi. That was an unimaginable luxury 15 years ago.

Still, with the infrastructure we now have in place it is depressing that the cost of data should be such an important consideration for a young person.

Comment Re:More "Fake" News (Score 1) 278

It's fake news that farming yields will drop. With CO2 rising (naturally) plants will begin to yield more and more returns. This is actually already happening.

With CO2 rising, photosynthesis in plants increases, resulting in higher yields of sugars and starches. It also requires less water, so crop production in areas that require irrigation will need less water. The flip side, however, is that you get less proteins & minerals in the plants. In addition to that, land that does not require irrigation, which is often much more fertile, will have less evaporation from plants and thus have greater run-off, which can speed up nutrient leaching and soil erosion.

Comment Re:Instead of all this, Hillary said we should (Score 1) 1368

If that is the kind of "news" site that is making the claim that Hillary was funding riots, I'll take it as evidence she did not.

So if there is a parody of something, that means the something doesn't exist? Try googling bird dogging, Scott Foval, and Rob Creamer. They literally paid people to incite violence at Trump campaigns.

The site I linked above had no obvious disclaimer saying it was a parody site. It claimed to be a news site, and was using a domain similar to that of an actual news company. As for your suggestions to google Rob Creamer and Scott Foval, I did, as I had never heard of either of them. What I read about Scott Foval was that someone released a heavily edited video of him to make it appear he said certain things. Googling Rob Creamer turned up a single result on the first page that was an article by a news company.... owned by Donals Trump's son in law. I stopped there.

Comment Re:Instead of all this, Hillary said we should (Score 3, Insightful) 1368

Open your eyes, your mind and realize the same can be said about Hillary. She even paid people to create riots at Trump's rallies, so I'd say she deserves this sentence even more than Trump. But hey, freedom of tought...

I hadn't heard that particular claim before, so I googled it. I found this gem.
I really enjoyed the big part on snopes, "a website known for its biased opinions and inaccurate information they write about stories on the internet in order to generate advertising revenue", something which purported to be an interview but which the author obviously pulled out of his arse. If that is the kind of "news" site that is making the claim that Hillary was funding riots, I'll take it as evidence she did not.

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