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Comment Seth Godin is spot on with this one. (Score 3, Interesting) 77

He is, IMHO, 100% correct with his analysis, including the critisism of the quality of what made Apple great. Apple abandoned their opinion leaders (us) about the time they started requireing a sign-up to get the devtools. Slowly but surely their Unix isn't quite that attractive as it used to be and the quality of their utility software has been in steady decline ever since. The last few versions of Preview can't even render PDFs correctly anymore.

Meanwhile the open web, pushed by Google, is taking over. Devices and web environments are steeply growing in power, and the line between website, service, VMed and native app is blurring faster than we can follow.

I've been seeing it ever since I finally understood ChromeOS.
Remember when it came out? Everyone, including me, was like "WTF?".

But now we understand. Chromebooks are the poor mans and the developing worlds (80% of all potential users globally) MacBook Air. They're dirt cheap, boot nigh instantly and run for a day on one charge. And Google takes care of you all along the way.

Today it's blatantly obvious that Google, of all megacorps, has the best long-term strategy and thus is pushing a standards based open web. It's the only plattform they can win with and it is more and more becoming the plattform with which people can develop safely and be guraranteed some sort of userbase, no matter the underlying OS or device. The Pixel comes as a premium phone - an unusual thing from Google - but everyone knows it's just an upgraded iPhone knock-off hardware wise. The real deal is with Google Assistant and the unlimited storage they offer.

As for the web being the plattform that is evolving the fastest - yes, of course it is. Updates are as close as refreshing a pageview and storage and AI are dropping in prices and power in huge leaps as we speak. I've been torn to and fro about wether I should leave the web for some 'real' programming and environment ever since I switched my career into it 16 years ago, but I have to say that it never has been as interesting as it is now to stick with it, sit back, and quietly watch as the toy language JavaScript takes over fields no one ever even dreamt of 10 years ago.

My 2 cents.

Comment Re:Useless for any occasion (Score 1) 421

<blockquote>- wasn't there a sniper at the University of Texas Austin campus back in the 60s? Everyone raced home and got their rifles, and the end result is there were more deaths from friendly fire than deaths caused by the sniper. In fact, a police officer who took down the sniper was nearly taken down himself from one such equipped student.</blockquote>

Nope. Charles Whitman shot and killed 14 people from the tower that day. There were 18 casualties total including Whitman himself, an unborn baby inside his first shooting victim, and Whitman's wife and mother who he murdered before the shooting spree. I have never heard any reports of civilian fire resulting in casualties.

When you say that a "police officer who took down the sniper was nearly taken down himself one such equipped student" -- you're probably getting the events wrong. When they entered the tower three police officers and one regular civilian (Allen Crum, age 40) went in. Crum negligently fired his rifle when they got to the top observation deck. The police provided the weapon to Crum.

Comment Re:Extra mechanics are rejected (Score 1) 421

If you mean the manual safety you flip on and off, yes, there were and are objections to them. You'll be hard pressed to find a police force in the US issuing a gun with a manual safety. Instead they use guns which have a double-action pull (at least on the first shot) or something kinda like that in the case of Glock which is not quite double-action but somewhat close.

Time and research has found that when under stress people forget to flick the safety off.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 1) 421

Several million times a year, guns are used to deter or prevent crime. Most of those are merely showing the gun or announcing its presence. Very very few of these make the news, because they are boring. But they work because guns are simple and effective. If all guns were smart guns, they'd bo so unreliable that very few criminals would be deterred by them, and crime would skyrocket.

On, and all your police would be be effectively disarmed too. Unless of course you think police (who commit more crimes off-duty than conceal carriers) are more responsible than "civilians".

Fuck off, slaver who is too stupid to think.

Comment This is only a problem ... (Score 1) 154

... because we - the FOSS experts - are sitting on our hands and asses.

It takes a dedicated small crew of developers just a few weeks to develop a full-stack replacement of the E-Mail protocol and service, daemons and end user clients included. Fully encrypted, signed and 100% anonymised by default, with a distributed meta DNS to handle routing.

Likewise replacing the web can't be that hard either. Sure there is rendering, but remove 2 decades worth of document markup and build a working alternative, removing all the downfalls using the very same meta-dns described above and the web is history.

I actually think we will tackle this problem if it get's bad enough.
Replace DNS, E-Mail and the Web with modern encrypted distributed services and the web will start going the way of the dodo.

Comment No surprise here. This is not really news. (Score 3, Informative) 515

This isn't really news. OS X is a good working unix, it is built and controlled by the same people who build the hardware. It's basically fully integrated into the hardware. It has always had a very clear separation of user and system space and Macs aren't plagued by bloat and shovelware.

You get a mac unpack it, start it and it works. That hasn't changed in decades and holds true to this very day. Not so with a PC. Just watching my colleague hassling with Windows 10 and Office365 at my shop has me stand in amazement over the eternal shittyness of the MS provided solutions that apparently holds to this very day as it did in the Windows ME days. Even today you can't get a basic Groupware from them up and running without a total messy frustration ensuing.

I remember thinking about the brand-new first ever iMac and noticing that you could get one, start it, and didn't even need to adjust the CRT monitor or resolution. A godsend for ordinary users and maintenance personnel. That type of integration and result oriented setup was lightyears ahead of any ugly clunky Windows box. And it still is.

That they are cheaper in maintenance is blatantly obvious IMHO.

A windows PC that doesn't suck is still a rare thing. Probably these surface books from MS themselves are what comes closest to a MacBook.

I've said it in the 90ies and it holds true to this very day: In terms of basic system integrity Windows combines all the disadvantages of Linux with all the disadvantages of a Mac. The only reason ever to get Windows was and still is to run programms on it that wouldn't run anywhere else. And those are pirated software, Games or some obscure CAD program for engineers that don't know anything other than Windows.

That's why Google is moving into their Groupware and productivity space and Chromebooks, as the poor mans mac, are taking over.
Not that I like the prospect of Big Google watching everything, but anything that removes MSes abysmal model from the body public is a good deed. It's not that MS would be any better. Only with Google at least it works and you don't have to pay for it.

My 2 cents.

Comment Re:In all honesty... (Score 1) 241

They should have let him continue. It's not like he was contributing anything except masses of data for the cool-aid drinkers to misrepresent. And discrediting himself in the process. Now those cool-aid drinkers will have something unfair to point to.

On a side note, I'll point out that he's been dumping on Hillary with impunity, but as soon as he got into what the banks consider their private business someone gave Ecuador a call.

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