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Comment Re:George Orwell lacked vision (Score 4, Informative) 187

You read the bit where he stabbed a guy 4 times with a samurai sword, right? I know in Texas that sort of thing is fine, but in the UK that's not considered self defence.

Also, that article is from 11 years ago, can you not find a more relevant example? We've had 2 (semi) different governments since then.

Comment This thread is hilarious (Score 1) 731

Next time there's a Slashdot story where the consensus among the wise, assembled community (who always have mysterious insight above and beyond the people behind the technology in question) is It'll-Never-Work, just remember this article.

We're talking about a technology that is 20 years old, deployed globally and (based on the complete absence of negative comments from current users) a universally accepted improvement upon the system it replaced.

And the running theme from the (let's face it : primarily American) contingent in the comments is It-Can-Never-Work, It's-Hopelessly-Flawed and What-Idiot-Invented-This.

Slashdot is a special place.

Comment Re:Tin foil hats! (Score 2) 731

For this to be a new system you need to travel back to 1992 when France adopted it.

Anyway, it can't ever be purely proximity based (like the contactless payments systems that you are presumably worried about) because it requires your PIN to authorise the transaction. Since its challenge/response there is presumably little benefit to eavesdropping on one transaction - you're not going to capture anything that will allow you to perform additional transactions in future.

Comment Re:One question (Score 2) 731

The first proper credit card in the US was 1958, the first outside the US was 1966 (according to Wikipedia). I'm not sure that an 8 year head start investment of infrastructure from 50 years ago is a plausible explanation.

It's easy to make excuses to save national face, but given the massive fraud reduction that chip and pin brings the likely result is that you have spent the last 10 years or so paying for the increased credit fraud in the US through charges or through increased interest rates on credit card debt.

Someone has dragged the process out for their own gain and they'll do it again next time round if you accept it.

Comment Re:Tin foil hats! (Score 2) 731

Chip and pin is not proximity based. You put your card in a handset and enter your pin to authorise the transaction like at a cashpoint. The handset never gets access to the PIN in the card, only the one you enter on the pad. It's genuinely surprising that there is still somewhere where this is not the standard. I can't remember the last time I had to sign for a card transaction.

Comment Good idea (Score 1) 888

I'd DEFINITELY start by drawing everybody's attention to it online as much as possible. Perhaps by posting about it on one of the more widely read techie news sites? Maybe a sort of reverse Streisand effect could be created.

Comment Re:More geeky (Score 1) 116

>Instead of setting a radar to pump out radio waves, why not set a device like that to send an amplified return?

Yes, let's make bats safer around wind turbines by jamming their sonar ;)

This is only effective for the underwater bats and wind turbines. TFA is about the overground kind.

NYPD Okays Velcro Handcuffs For Kids 1

Police trying to restrain children will use Velcro handcuffs instead of the tougher steel model to subdue disturbed or unruly children in 22 schools in northern Queens. "We would prefer never to use restraints of any kind, but in those rare instances where it may become necessary, we want a softer alternative to conventional handcuffs," Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said. I wonder if the police looked into other ill-suited materials to build handcuffs out of, like wet noodles, air, or words, before deciding on Velcro.

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