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Comment Re:That's stupid. (Score 1) 258

Feel free to blame testing as well. In the US you can get a test for basically free, there's no mandatory education, the test itself is ~30 insultingly stupid multiple-choice questions ("You see a pedestrian in the crosswalk ahead. Do you A) slow down or stop, B) go around them, or C) honk?" is not actually as fictional as you'd might like to believe). The driving portion is also simple, 10 minutes or so, basically drive in a neighborhood, emergency stop when told to after being warned that its coming up, reverse a little, parallel park. You can miss 30% on both portions and still get your license, and if you fail you can try again the very next day.

As a British ex-pat living in Texas I wish I was exaggerating any of that, but I'm really not.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 258

So you want people slamming on their brakes the instant they see yellow?

If they can safely stop, then yes. Anyone should also be leaving enough of a gap to stop if the car in front of them stops too, for any reason.

The fact that things like this are disputed reminds me regularly of how much of a joke the US driver's test is compared to most other country's versions.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 258

Yup. People should treat the yellow light as a red light, with the added benefit of showing you that the red light grace period was in effect when it changed just before you entered the intersection so that you don't worry that you broke the law. Instead, people treat it as if it was a green light with a note that its going to change soon. If there's a yellow and you can safely stop, you stop.

Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 1) 258

If you enter on yellow it should be because you were going to fast and were too close to stop safely, so leaving before it turns red shouldn't be a problem. People should be treating yellow lights as red lights with a grace period, not as the end of the green lights.

The real problem comes when people reduce the yellow light length after installing traffic cameras - that's just wrong.

Comment Re:It's still unclear (Score 1) 167

a big part of why I subscribe is that I don't want to spend time doing that math.

Same here. Its like having an unlimited plan on your mobile instead of counting minutes even if you rarely go over - its one less thing to think about and once the price comes down enough what you're really paying for is the convenience of swapping a known quantity for an unknown one. At $9.99/mo or whatever its generally well worth it.

I'd do the same for movies too - at $29 or even $49 / mo for all major studios I'd spend far more every year than I do today, but would still happily sign up.

Comment Re:Java (Score 1) 383

But it's not. Gmail on Chrome allows you to drag and drop attachments to the desktop. FF and IE on Windows don't support that feature.

Even more to the point, mobile devices might not even have the same concept of "a desktop". I'm sure that my smartwatch doesn't, and it shouldn't either.

Binary compatibility is far simpler than usage compatibility.

Comment Re:Thanks Obama! (Score 2) 440

Oh, please. A kiosk in a fast-food restaurant operates what, 12 hours a day, 365 days a year? That's 4,380 hours per year. If they only last for a year and cost as much as $20K to install and operate for that year, they're cheaper than someone making $5/hr. Automation was inevitable regardless of wages.

Comment Re:Some services need DRM (Score 1) 207

Compared to creating content at the level of a blockbuster movie, implementing terrible DRM is basically free. Sure, you're forcing everyone who wants to watch it to do some stupid crap like downloading a random Windows executable, but the incremental cost to the creator rounds to zero. The incremental inconvenience to the consumers rounds up to infinity, but it turns out that they want to watch it anyway and generally don't care so they'll just do the thing.

To most people, giving them the choice of being able to watch Dr. Strange after double-clicking some weird EXE or being able to watch the latest $4 budget indie production just by playing it, they'll pick the EXE every single time.

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