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Comment Re:Yes, but... Apple is a change agent. (Score 2) 299

What Apple is doing now is shipping a device with no native port compatibility with the rest of their product line, and then demanding that people buy dongles that Apple expects to become obsolete after the transition phase from USB-A to USB-C.

Eh, they're shipping a laptop. And they're including a USB-C power supply. A laptop, which in many cases even in professional environments literally never has anything other than that power supply plugged into it.

the market will decide on its own, just as it did when USB-A first came out and a rapid-growing ecosystem of peripherals supported it based on its merits over the old serial port technology

The same market that kept making PS/2 keyboards and mice long after USB came out, until Apple dropped the ports? That market?

Its not the end of the world, and let's stop pretending that it is, mmmkay?

Comment Re:Yes, but... Apple is a change agent. (Score 2) 299

Let's pretend you're a device manufacturer. USB-C is "the future" but many computers don't have it, and any computer that has USB-C also has the old stuff. What do you do?

You stay the fuck away from USB-C of course. Its the same reason that nobody built OS/2 software once they added a Windows compatibility layer.

Want people to build USB-C peripherals? You have to create an environment in which they're needed. Like it or not, Apple has historically held that position (see also PS/2, floppies, CD-ROMs, VGA ports, etc, etc).

Comment Re:Yes, but... Apple is a change agent. (Score 2) 299

Apple has always taken the role of change agent. If you don't forcefully abandon the past, it drags on.

That's why Firewire is the de facto standard for so many peripherals now.

You mean IEEE 1394? Bash Apple if you want, but that was a case of them going with the standard instead of doing something weird.

Comment Re:The flip side of having the right dongle (Score 2) 299

Agreed. That's why Apple is wrong with proprietary ports such as Lightning and Dock. They should have used USB-C and micro-USB instead, like everyone else.

Yup. And if USB-C had been out when they came out with Lightning they would probably have gone with it. But it wasn't - and it not unreasonable to provide a few years of value for any given port you use.

Comment Re:Perfect is the enemy of good (Score 1) 280

Engineers tend to get a little too concerned about efficiency. It matters and more efficient is better but it's not the most important thing here once a critical threshold has been reached.

Yup. Since people would be unlikely to do half a solar roof, and roofs tend to scale in size with the size of the house beneath them, once its efficient enough price and appearance become far more important. Its the same reason that very few people other than engineers care about whether your new minivan has 260hp or 280hp - both are more than ample.

Comment Re:Heated garage (Score 1) 280

Sorry, but why would it be cheaper to heat an entire garage, including the car, which includes the internal battery pack, than it would be to use the same garage power to heat only the battery pack?

As a bonus, of course, the car can also heat the interior up to your normal driving temperature before you leave for work in the morning, without needing to fill your garage with carbon monoxide, so its got that going for it too which is nice.

Comment Re:32 bits address (Score 1) 125

You're welcome to pay for the memory upgrades to the world's routers to hold the routing table full of those /32s (16M per /8 that you've "freed"); the current full routing table is ~620k entries.

And as we all remember, 640k should be enough for everyone!

Still leaves 20k though, as long as we're mixing our units...

Comment Re:LOL, "Courage"? More like GREED... (Score 1) 761

The vast majority comes from analog signals.

But this is coming from your phone. Where that analog signal has been digitized.

Look, moving to a Bluetooth connection for your turntable would be stupid, agreed, but you have to look at the source which in this case is a (probably MP3 or AAC) file on a cellphone, which regardless of the bitrate is unquestionably digital in nature.

Comment Re: What's the obvious question, is he going to di (Score 1) 286

That's the part that many people miss (and I say this as someone who's struggled with weight before and lost ~85lb). If you burn less energy (because you have a super-efficient metabolism, or a hovaround, or whatever), that just means that you don't need to take in as much energy. That can get difficult socially, but its certainly not a reason to just "give up and be fat," when you're not happy at that weight.

Comment Re:How do I charge and use the headset? (Score 1) 761

Well, you could always use a dock that you can leave your headset attached to that already exists and does both charging and audio conversion...

Will the new phone please everybody? No, of course not. But the vast majority of consumers (even the vast majority of complainers) won't have to change a thing. Its like the number of people who complained that there wasn't a removable battery being far greater than the number of people who had traditionally ever purchased a single second cellphone battery.

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