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Comment Re:They'll implicitly target Muslims (Score 5, Insightful) 505

So you never heard of the IRA, ETA, RAF? Terrorism isn't new to Europe.

Also, I think blaming Islam as a whole even for the Islamic terrorism is mischaracterizing the problem. If you read about the background of the terrorists, many of them are people who were violent for a long time and turned to fundamentalism as short as 1 or 2 years before they did their attack. So they're not deeply religious Muslims becoming violent, they're angry people given a cause by religious extremists.

Comment Re:Dumb with their money. (Score 1) 312

Netflix is approaching 100 million subscribers; looking at it that way they find him $0.20/subscriber funny. That might not be an unreasonable amount if his shows get a lot of views.

I do think that video streaming has a problem of being very fragmented. If you subscribe to a music streaming service, chances of finding a particular album you're looking for on there are pretty high. If you subscribe to a video streaming service, you get access to more video than you could ever watch, but the chances of finding a particular show you're looking for are rather small, as many of the high profile shows are exclusive to different services.

Obviously some video series are more costly to make than a music album, so it may not be reasonable to expect to get access to nearly everything for $10/month. But then I'd prefer to pay per show rather than pay for a package that I'm only going to watch one or two shows of. And for a price that matches the fact that you're renting the video, not buying it, since - as you point out - you don't actually own it.

Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 5, Interesting) 164

This sounds like something that is better decided at the local level, so the state getting involved seems like overreach to me.

Note that unlike what the title claims, this is not only about banning but also about restricting.There is a difference between renting out your house when you happen to be away and renting it out almost full time. So restrictions on the number of rental days per year can be useful to keep areas that are in demand by tourists as residential areas. 180 days per year is such a generous cap that I'm not sure it would prevent houses from being used as rentals all year round.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 101

In general, they wouldn't know SSNs. Maybe if someone was logged in while doing the search and earlier associated a SSN with their Google account for some reason. Google probably doesn't have people's MAC addresses either. It seems the police is asking for anything that would help them identify a person no matter how unlikely that Google can actually provide it.

Comment Re:Expats? (Score 1) 289

He doesn't tackle anything. He is very good at figuring out what people are upset about and then tweeting about it. He is not good at working with other people to actually solve problems. It's been over 10 years (he left the VVD in 2004, founded the PVV in 2006) and his party is still essentially a one-man show. He can't participate in a government because his party doesn't have people capable of becoming ministers. Even the experiment where his party supported a minority government (2010-2012) failed when compromises had to be made.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure.... (Score 3, Insightful) 88

They probably went into VR because if VR became the dominant way of playing games, it would eat their existing business. It's similar to why they made SteamOS as an insurance policy against Microsoft locking them out of the Windows platform.

I think it's safe to say now that VR won't replace PC gaming on a monitor, certainly not any time soon. But since their existing business is doing fine and they didn't invest more than they could afford, it doesn't matter for them if VR fails or becomes a niche product.

Personally, I think VR becoming a niche product is the most likely outcome. People buy expensive steering wheels or flight sticks to get more immersed in their favorite games and, for certain genres, VR can do the same.

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