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Comment I don't get it... (Score 1) 504

I always wondered why cell phones had a 160 character limit and still think it's odd. Having Verizon, if I send a text of over 160 to another Verizon user, it allows the message to be sent. However, trying to send a text that exceeds 160 to someone on another network only allows the first 160 to be seen. Is there really that much miscommunication between networks to not allow these texts? At least some other companies allow texts of over 160 to be sent as multiple texts (ie 1/2, 2/2). I think they could change it if they wanted but they rather not, and why do they care? It's not like it costs them anything for our text messages to be sent anyways.

Comment a common technique (Score 1) 433

I feel this is a good recruiting tool, and it doesn't just show the men/women what they might go through, but also allows them to learn teamwork and how to trust each other. The electronic retailer giant Best Buy used to require their Geek Squad employees to play the game Mechwarrior as a part of their training and it had positive effects including better communication, teamwork, and also trust.

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