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Journal Journal: Denver IT Job Market Terrible 1

A couple of days ago I saw the most depressing thing I'd seen in a while on a mailing list focused on jobs in Colorado.

A man was posting a resume with over twenty years of significant IT experience. This guy had some seriously good credentials and I have no doubt that he could be a valuable developer for many companies. He was offering to work anywhere in Colorado in an IT capacity for $30,000 annual or $15/hour. He was willing to sign a contract for a permanent position indicating that he would not leave for several years. Basically he is willing to make himself a serf in order to secure a living. That SUCKS.

If this guy with twice as much experience as I have cannot secure employment even at college intern sort of wages, what hope is there for the rest of us to ever get a better job and a decent living?. It looks terrible these days...

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