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Comment Re:Related puzzle - explain this to me? (Score 1) 213

I have thought about it as a blind man on a merry-go-round in deep space. The apparent force required to remain in place or Coriolis effect with radial movement is an obvious measurement of rotation. If it could be accelerated, there is only one rotational speed destination speed at which these effects will zero.

Comment Too fragile for correction (Score 1) 642

Few young people are willing to be corrected about anything these days. Even if it's a factual issue about which they're wrong, they'd rather chalk it up to a "typo" or difference of opinion, thereby accepting no responsibility for ignorance, and move on with their crummy knowledge. It's a bad state of affairs as it makes learning very difficult.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 105

Agreed they're different things. I hadn't touched a modern console until a couple of years ago, used to be decent at TF in the QW days. I felt like a poorly abled fool using the controller until I played through RAGE a couple of times with no sort of aiming assist. It's still clumsy relative to KBM and I don't see cross play in FPS games working very well in the near future.

Comment Re:ocean landing will not happen during rough seas (Score 1) 129

It reminds me a little bit of an ill-fated stunt on the ill-fated program "Stunt Junkies" where a guy wanted to jump a motorcycle from one barge to another. Caught enough of a vertical difference between the barges to barely but completely overshoot his landing ramp, landed horizontal, and broke a bunch of bones in his back. Touchy stuff on a relatively simple trajectory.

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