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Comment huh (Score 1) 1

my son thought a lot of it was boring too. I thought it was the 2nd best of the sw films after esb.

Comment Re:no it isn't (Score 1) 159

You mean any prepaid bought-in-a-pharmacy card?
Those allow any physical US address to be used as a "billing" address.
Though I suppose they could try to block prepaid cards in their billing system

Or a Netflix "gift" balance (one of those "Buy Galaxy S6 phone, get free Netflix for a year")

I presume primary way to beat VPNs are "is this a retail ISP block" and "are there more than N streaming connection request for distinct users coming from the same IP address". If both are "true" - voila, you have a VPN that is masking Netflix users.
And while VPN could theoretically get an IP address for each user, it would be quite expensive for them (for IPv6 this would also work, as you have one routable block exhibiting requests from a bunch of random users with vastly different billing addresses)

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Journal Journal: Can't Log In from My Laptop 11

I can't log in to slashdot from my laptop. Every browser - and even from a browser running on a vm - it always fails. Not sure why but as long as it persists my posting will be less frequent.

Comment heh (Score 1) 9

I didn't think the prequels were better - but it was pretty poor in my opinion.

It's all right - I didn't have big hopes and my kids liked it.

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Journal Journal: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress while listening to Time by ELO 1

Don't know why - but I really like that combination.

I've gotten off my schedule of reading Starship Troopers and TMiaHM every year - but I did just reread The Moon is a Harsh Mistress last week-end. My wife was in Ukraine and I was kind of bored but not motivated enough to do something that took effort.

I've outgrown RAH's politics but I still love the story.

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Journal Journal: Magnet Links from Chrome in Plasma 5 3

For some reason magnet links that I clicked in Chrome were opening the Transmission client instead of Ktorrent. I remember doing something in the past related to this - though I think the issue then was that chrome didn't know how to handle them at all.

Comment Re:You can't go wrong with Slack... (Score 1) 6

It's broken now as far as browsing categories - and has been for a while. You can search for specific packages and install them/uninstall them but you can't use apper to just browse through the different types of software available. It's a known issue and I haven't heard anyone mention any ideas on when it would be fixed.

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