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Comment Re:President Obama should heed his own words (Score 1) 557

The problem here is that everyone has a different interpenetration of what is unspoken here.
Conservatives assume that this is obviously Obama whining about loosing the election and making an (unspoken) claim that its because the Russians interfered.
Liberals assume that it is because there have been accusations from other sources that the Russians were trying to hack our electoral system.

There is no claim implicit in the order to investigate that the attempts to hack the system actually resulted in a change in the election results. Although I'm a liberal I actually don't think that was the case. I think Trump won fair and square. I hate it, but there it is.

But if the Russians were trying to do something, we should find out, and try and prevent it from happening in the future.

Everyone just needs to calm the fuck down.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

You don't think there is a difference between HFCS and sugar? Try being in the car (or any closed poorly ventilated space) with me for a couple of hours after drinking a regular Coke. Then we will see who's the idiot.
Mexican coke made with regular sugar? no problem.

Im not arguing FOR sugar, just against the idiots who insist they are "the same damned thing."

Comment Re:Lighten up (Score 1) 532

I have no idea why Im continuing this, but I feel compelled.

Do you understand that there is a difference between the underlying rules of the universe, and our understanding of those underlying rules?
Do you understand that 200 years ago we had "scientific laws" that turned out to be wrong?
Do you honestly believe that mankind is now so smart that we know everything and our understanding of science exactly matches reality? If so, then there is no more need for science, because we are done.

If that does nothing for you, which I'm sure it wont, then I give up. Yours is obviously the superior intellect.

Comment Re:Lighten up (Score 2) 532

Intellectually lazy? Intellectually lazy is assuming that "scientific laws" are the same as facts.
They are not. They are our current understanding of science. Nothing more, nothing less.
That understanding can and should change. That's the whole F-ing point of science!!!! Admitting that we don't know everything and attempting to further our knowledge.

And "Chasing a hoax?" No sir. Im following an interesting discussion that may or may not pan out. Just like you.

Comment Re:Lighten up (Score 4, Insightful) 532

You know what hurts science? People who are more concerned with their dogma than things that contradict their dogma. A person who is really interested in science VALUES things that contradict their dogma because... SCIENCE!

Will the Em Drive pan out? I have no idea. But the whole point of science is that when we see contradictions to what we expect we take a look at it, not just dismiss it out of hand because "These hoaxes come and go and people waste time on them." Stupid ideas like the earth revolving around the sun.

As much as I love the science, I mostly hope the EM drive proves to work so we can all smack you around for being an anti-space nutter.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1080

Exactly this. I have always believed that capitalism is a sound concept. The problem comes when you start believing in it as an ideology that you defend against all comers.

Many people think of Capitalism (The capital C is intentional) as the solution for everything. Many of them, I think, believe that its because "Gods invisible hand" is manipulating things and making sure that the "worthy" are successful. Thus we have this blending of religion and Capitalism that pulls along a lot of small c capitalists and the moderately religious.

Nothing is the solution to everything. And just because you are successful where others arent doesnt make it Gods will.

Comment Human looking emojis? WHY?!?!?!? (Score 1) 35

Seriously. The simple yellow circle with expressions are perfect because the are nonspecific and can be assumed to apply to everyone.

Now we are adding skin tone... Why? That just opens the door to people complaining about hair color, hair style, eye color, face shape and a ton of other things.
Where is the identical set of emojis for people wearing an eye patch. Left or right eye? Scars? Bald people? Glasses? People who lost their noses in tragic plastic surgery incidents?

They have family emojis. Where is the mixed race family? Same Gender couple? Family with 2 boys, family with 2 girls. How about the family with 4 boys, 2 girls a parrot and a lama?

Specificity is not always helpful.

Comment Re:Now Convince India and China to Cut Emissions (Score 1) 837

Exactly right.
And while we are at it, lets stop wasting our tax money on the whole judicial system and police!
I mean, how many years have we been trying to stop crime and yet there are STILL people out there committing crimes!
Its obvious that doing the right thing for its own sake is completely pointless....

Every parent spends so much effort to get their kids to clean up their own messes. But for some reason when it comes to corporations we give them a pass because "it would cut into our profits." Just like a kid whining "But mom, I have to study for this test so I just dont have time to clean that up!"

Comment Re:Semantics (Score 1, Informative) 837

There is a difference between "weather" and "climate."

Yes, weather changes all the time. The climate tells you what the expected variations of weather should be. If you are seeing weather consistently outside of those patterns, then either your understanding of the climate is wrong (i.e. its based on 100 years of weather, but there is a 200 year cycle of weather patterns) or the climate is changing.

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