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Comment Re:Write it down... (Score 1) 402

I completely agree with this. No need to get tricky, take your "update list once a month" idea and put it to paper. I doubt much will change besides passwords and an odd addition. Also remember that with email access a lot of sites will allow a "forgot password" option that will resend your current or a new temporary password to the registered email address. That's probably the biggest thing you can do digitally. Besides that, put pen to paper.

Comment Re:Not healthy (Score 1) 104

You do realize it's not the software on the phones that bug most admins as much as the software and additional hardware we need to keep in the server rooms right? And honestly Apple and Google are still ratcheting down their respective mobile OS's. You really think that RIM...makers of the BB torch can drop a mobile OS and just expect is to compare to the market that is at least 4-5 years ahead of it? Oh and android support on the playbook has already been proven garbage.

Comment Re:Sincerely Hate RIM (Score 1) 104

Dude that is great. I thought I was the only one pushing this horrid service out the door as quickly as possible. We give our user base allowances for their own smart-phone and then we only manage the email service. As soon as the split profiles are available we'll just take control of that instead. We haven't had a single problem with remote wipes or anything.

So long RIM...I can't say it hasn't been fun. Because it wasn't.

Comment Who's he to judge (Score 1) 289

What if your tech skills are troubleshooting and adopting new technologies rapidly? What if your tech skills really have nothing to do with a particular piece of software? This former CIO wouldn't understand that by being a CIO he knows less than the people he had working for him. Which to me makes his opinion on how long someone's skills are "valid" invalid.

Comment Re:oh, really? (Score 1) 372

A question in earnest then. WHY ARE WE(the taxpayers in the US) PAYING FOR THIS? I, as a hard working tax paying citizen of the United States of America do not want my government to give $600 mil to some fucking car company. I do not want my government bailing out banks because they're too stupid to handle other people's money. I want my government to shoot people on my behalf and keep our country safe. I want my government to not give incentives to corporations for selling my job to India. Bottom line, I want the government to take care of a larger percentage of it's citizens. Because the richest 2% it's covering now isn't quite cutting it.

Comment Re:Researchers? (Score 1) 180

Hasn't anyone learned from Aaron Barr? Don't fuck with people on the net you don't know. They can/will get you. That's obviously besides the legal implications of these "researchers". First, sniffing internet traffic is illegal...even google got in trouble for doing that "accidentally". Second, there is absolutely no way to correlate the data without stealing files or potentially protected IP from the "target" computer. So these "researchers" should be prosecuted to the fullest degree of the law...just like the people they're working for usually want to do to the rest of us.

Comment Re:How do we work this (Score 1) 988

So nobody ever made a candybar phone???

Let's compare Apples and Danger's. The Danger Hiptop/Sidekick was wildly popular and "fashionable" not unlike the iPhone. It featured an in device app store, web access, email, camera, etc... By the time the Sidekick 2/3 dropped there were celebrity endorsements, and it was cool to whip out your Sidekick and show off your "bling".

Does that mean that Apple copied wholesale from Danger? Oh wait that's right there's the touchscreen that they copied from Palm. Have you realized that Apple seems to be the only company worried about people "copying" off them when they've done so much more? Polishing other people's ideas is not innovation, however it does tend to move the market forward. I mean had Apple not copied other people's ideas, we might not have gotten Android.

Comment Re:Still not what we need (Score 1) 235

Real Social Networking in my mind would connect devices in a P2P space. So my laptop and/or my phone would connect to my "friends" devices and I talked to my "friends" directly. An invite would consist of a MAC or some kind of hash for joining my P2P network. In essence each person/device would be their own Social Hub. If there was an FOSS push for something like this then the walls of Facebook, Google +, Twitter and the like would crumble. Bottom line is that real social networking can't be owned by one person and if someone wants to flesh out this idea, I give it to you freely.

Comment Re:Use Firefox (Score 1) 574

You're right. IE is the most secure browser, granted that you're not touching the internet. Look at any security forum, IE is typically below FF and the chromium based browsers(except Safari). It doesn't help that M$'s patching is done via Windows update which most people home users turn off. But to have a level of transparency between browser and OS always seemed a bit stupid to me. No wonder most Malware comes through IE.

Comment Re:Credit agencies (Score 1) 165

You saved me from making the same argument. So I'll add on a little bit. The Cloud...dun dun dun. Since the latest trend is storage in the cloud, think about how much of YOUR data will never EVER go away, no matter how hard you try. Facebook is just a small example of the amount of crap people are committing to be forever out of their grasp.

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