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Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 391

DVD off android? Yea, it's actually supported

500G HD? Funny enough, also mountable through usb

Quad-Core x86? Yup, it's also not a 'real machine'. It's a virtual machine, on you know, a server that I can then access via ssh, citrix, xwindow support, or many other methods.

Good try on the troll, and marks for good points, but I have to give you a C- overall.

Comment Re:Overreaching? (Score 1) 409

I have just released a brand new game.

I call the(tm) game 'The'. I have trademarked 'The' and any use of this word will be disallowed without royalties.
A new trademark list has been approved for the(tm) future games below.

Se(tm)e(tm) fre(tm)e(tm) pre(tm)vi(tm)e(tm)ws of the((tm)tm) fu(tm)tu(tm)re(tm) ga(tm)me(tm)s 'A', 'But', 'An', 'Or', a(tm)nd o(tm)u(tm)r a(tm)dd-i(tm)n mo(tm)du(tm)le(tm)s 'E', 'I', 'O', 'U', a(tm)nd 'Y'. (a(tm)ll ri(tm)ghts re(tm)se(tm)rve(tm)d).

Comment Re:Han Shoots First...Again? (Score 1) 816

What if...
Disney would fix the crap Lucas changed in the first movies back to they way they were and re-made Episodes I to III (especially getting rid of the crap acting by the two young Anakin Skywalker actors).
Then, maybe, I would see Episode VII.

Well, it's not like it'd be hard for Disney to do this. You just remove everything between the 'A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...' and the end credits and re-shoot.

Comment Re:Not criminal? (Score 1) 652

And yes, the above is ad hominem. You're going to need to get used to that if you're going to defend state sponsored child molestation.

You're under the mistaken belief that I am for that misguided mentality. I was just arguing that comparing the fake scare of terrorist activity and whiskey drinking americans is a straw man argument, which it is.

Idiocy is idiocy, regardless of the definition. Either by straw-man stereotypes which has been over-used all over on both sides of this fiasco, or by making half-defended points. It's still idiocy.

But the government, like media, and any group of people are like sheep. They can be controlled, bribed, or otherwise manipulated into thinking and doing whatever 'those in power' want them to. And us, as the citizens, tend to just let it slide, warble like an ineffectual mouse, and let it slide.

If you are not and are one of the few brave who actually stand up, good for you. But you'll have to do it from outside the system, because frankly as long as you are inside the system, no one will give a rats ass, as they prefer the status quo. If there is anything that 'you're going to need to get used to', then frankly that would be it.

Comment Re:I think that's all college students (Score 2) 823

No worries, though. Ultimately, life will fix the problem.

Except when you're an upper manager of a large corporation or a CEO.

They never seem to learn, and they tend to turn around saying at 20+ million a year, they don't have to either.

The only ones who suffer are those poor bastards working under them.

Comment Re:It's all tied together (Score 1) 550

If you read before Zechariah and after Zechariah, you'll find that the ones who are taking the city, plundering the houses, and ravishing the women are the invaders, you know, the ones who, in just the next chapter that the Lord said he would fight directly against.

But sure, yea, believe what you want.

Comment Re:It's all tied together (Score 1) 550

Yea, and if you kept reading Judges, you'd see that they were offered the women as optional wives, no where do I see that it allowed raping them.

Later in Numbers it talks about keeping them as slaves/labor, which in that period was more than allowed, religious or not. It again does not state about raping them or in any way forcing themselves on them.

Deuteronomy, when they talk about 'enjoying the spoils', they're actually talking about the food and wine. If you read other translations, 'enjoy the spoils' is translated as 'eat the spoil of thine enemies'. I somehow doubt they were talking about tossing the kids in a meat grinder and eating their bones.

Even further, in Deuteronomy, it states that if they found a women appealing, that they were to talk to the mother/father for a period of time, and then make her their wife, and also if they found no pleasure from having her as a wife, to release her freely.

Doesn't sound like rape to me, but I guess comments are like statistics on here. All made up for a purpose based on a point of view.

Comment Re:It's all tied together (Score 1) 550

Or listen to others who think even the purpose of bringing such sick and twisted mentality is a good debating point.

Various religious teachings also talk about stoning to death people who have done any of the above.

Today in our 'enlightened' world, we have lawyers, that we all pay for, help to acquit people who are beyond guilty, because of government officials who also follow a lot of the above, and not in the name of religion, but because they're sick twisted individuals.

How about just accept that the fault lies with the person, and not any group they are aligned with. All that is is an excuse to hide behind. It's time we all grew up from hanging on the skirt of mommy and grew a pair and start taking responsibility for everything we say and do and stop worrying so much about the other person.

Comment Re:what? No. (Score 1) 1160

There can be no peace as long as this is true.

I think you hit part of it, but not the full issue. I believe that the majority of people who say they are 'religious' or 'political' or 'racial' or any other 'label' tends to hide behind that label and peek around its protection while attacking the other people who are 'against' what they believe.

So the problem isn't really religion, or politics, or race, or even faith or belief. The problem is the person themselves and their refusal to accept responsibility for their own actions.

It apparently is much easier to live day by day when one doesn't have to look into the mirror and can devote most of their energy into attacking perceived faults in others.

Comment Re:what? No. (Score 1) 1160

I expect people to grow up and put faith aside because that is the civilized and enlightened thing to do. How do we reconcile these beliefs?

Usually by behaving maturely and not using part of your 'debate' or 'reconciling' as a method to use a verbal club to beat the other side in submission based on your own belief system.

...which happens all too often when you bring politics, religion, or race into any discussion.

Comment Re:Measuring results (Score 4, Insightful) 285

I have to comment on this.

1. Often, there aren't really a lot of unknowns. There are lots of times where the programming task is something along the lines of "Put together a UI that looks like this and behaves like that, takes data from these places over here, and if the user hits the 'save' button shove that data back over here to save it." That entire task is well-defined and quite straightforward, and there should be very little unknown about how to do it.

That's all fine and good, but unless you are heavily indentured into the actual infrastructure of all the systems involved, you're still doing guess work.

'Put together a UI that looks like this and behaves like that'. Yea, so what tool are you using? The existing one? Well, it doesn't allow the buttons to be exactly where the user interface wants. You can't manually hack it. So we have to write a custom module for that. The save button is actually having to talk to a MSQL database over the firewall into a vendor turnkey server, so we have to open up firewalls, write a custom database connector for the MSQL database, and oh, wait, you said the filesystem is on NFS as well? Oh, apparently the background save data needs to be faster than NFS can provide, so we need some SAN local disk as well. Wait, you don't have that in the budget? We have to put it on existing NFS? But it won't be fast enough. Wait, it doesn't matter? Ok, whatever.

If you ever assume a project is 'straight forward and well defined', then you don't deserve to be a PM. It's never that simple. Ever. If you had any experience in the field, you'd know that by now.

2. Estimates provide valuable information to those deciding what to do next. If a developer estimates project A (worth $3 million) at 20 days, that's likely to be a better return on investment than project B (worth $4 million) estimated at 40 days. Somebody just looking at revenue would be more likely to pick project B, somebody looking at the revenue plus the estimate would pick project A.

Estimates appease the share holders and investors. They also help utilize personal hours on projects. Otherwise, there's no real point to them. And sadly, you are absolutely correct that projects utilize the lowest dollar. What they don't realize that a lot of times, PM's, like yourself, are providing them with cooked numbers, based on half-assed quotes, ideas, and expectations without any real input from IT professionals who know their business. You basically tell them exactly what you said. 'We want X'. Give us hours. You don't tell them the budget, or if you do, it's prior to any hardware or software or man-hours. So now the IT professionals have to fit the timetable into the pre-defined man hours. Then other times, the upper management already have promised a deadline on the project prior to getting even you, the PM, involved, so you're just trying to get the IT people to find some way to make the unrealistic time frame work. Feed your BS to someone who doesn't know it for what it is.

3. The procrastination argument is simply wrong. If a developer has estimated 20 business days to do something, he may scramble to get it done on days 18-25. If he's given no estimate, days 20-60 zoom right by and he still doesn't have it done, because he can just put it off until tomorrow.

Then you need to find better employees. When I give '20 business days' to do something, it is the estimate of 20 + 8 hour days. Not '20 days'. Based on your comment above, you equate 20 business days as 20 direct days. Well, I have news for you. IT professionals, like programmers, are doing more than project work. They can not, and will not, be applied 100% on a singular project. The only exception to this are hired consultants who are tasked with ONLY the project at hand. And they are paid hourly for that work, at a very costly sum. For salary employees, they have more than just your project work. They have to maintain EXISTING work, they have to constantly keep their skill set updated, they have to work on OTHER projects. They also have family to consider so those 'late night work sessions' that you require of them or think you'll get out of them? Yea, think again.

I delt with a PM like you who had it in their head that 20 work days meant 20 straight days (including weekend work). Even if it didn't include weekend work, it would be unacceptable. My time as a system engineer is frankly 10% learning, 50% upkeep (including user access, standard tickets, etc), and 40% projects. That 40% is split between 8 projects that I'm working on. So your 20 business days? Yea, for me, that goes out to 5-10% of my time a day, more when I need to balance priorities (if directed by management on what is the priority for the week). So at 1-2 hours a day, on your project, you do the math.

You want better time, you hire more people to do the job, which increases the budget. Management don't like that. So that's what causes IT professionals to work weekends. Because PM's like you pull figures out of the air, or management enforce figures that you are forced to stick to. Either way, estimates are crap.

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