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Comment Re:I still don't 'get' realistic war simulations. (Score 1) 174

"Celebrating the massakre that WW1 war as something enjoyable left an awkward taste behind. Yes, the GFX were aweseome and I'm sure the leveldesign and the gameplay were top notch." So from this quote we can assume that you haven't even played BF1. Your comment seems quite similar to the studies that were pulled, in that there is not enough quality data collection.

Comment The End is Near... (Score 1) 195

This will be the advancement that will eventually do the Human Race in. When the AI becomes self aware, it will be this tool that will bring the judgement of the AI on the Human race. Having to sort thru all the trash that the Human race puts out on a daily basis will undoubtedly cause the AI to pronounce judgment upon us and Skynet like robots will be made to carry out it's judgement. I only hope that it chooses to take out all the 8 year old gamers who have mercilessly taunted me over the years.

Comment WoW lost me. Battleground Europe is still fun tho (Score 1) 69

I haven't played WoW (released November 2004) in years. I still play (and pay for) Battleground Europe (World War II Online; released June 2001) and I still have fun even though the game doesn't live up to today's visual standards quite so much, but the game is a hell of a lot better than the game of WoW.

Comment Re:It was dry, but not BAD like Phantom Menace (Score 2) 351

Ars Technica's review was summed up after some negative points with "So, why do I think this movie rocked? Well, first of all, there's the simple continuation of the mythology. I don't think it would have taken too much for this movie to be cool. If it had done nothing but explain the back-story, without adding anything of substance, I probably still would have loved it. Luckily that wasn't all I had to work with." Yeah, I rely on Ars Technica for movie reviews just like I rely on Jar-Jar not to vote with the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Comment Re:The biggest problem in Santa Cruz... (Score 5, Insightful) 117

I lived in Santa Cruz for the past 25 years. While crime is a problem, THE REAL PROBLEM, is the political leaders of the city. They have created the bum problem by offering them social services (to the nth degree), being lax on convicting criminals, making headaches for businesses with too much regulation and sticking their heads in the sand when people point out these problems. If these politicians would take off their rose-colored glasses, or get voted out by the populace, Santa Cruz might be able to bring in some business.

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