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Comment Re:China debuts human rights abuses (Score 1) 491

What about your countries human rights abuses ? The US is involved in the rendition (kidnapping) and robust interrogation (torture) of people it hasn't charged (because there isnt enough evidence) in a place outside the US in order to deprive those people of US human rights laws. The US has invaded 2 countries resulting in the deaths of over a million people, what about their human rights? Like China the US executes the mentally ill and the list goes on. Do you protest in the same way about the US ?

Comment Re:yes, democracy is imperfect (Score 1) 400

Well regarding western countries, its not that I don't like democracy actually I think we need a lot more democracy. I think there is deficit. I think ordinary people should have a say how their hospitals, schools, fire services and police etc are run. I would also go on to say that our governments need to be a lot more accountable. Governments should be made to pay attention to public opinion all the time and their policies should be shaped by that.

Comment Re:i'll leave the cuban REGIME alone (Score 1) 400

I agree in general with what you are saying however I don't think just because a country is a democracy that the ruling class doesn't rule over the common man. Certainly where I am from most of the leaders are white upper middle class men who went to exclusive universities. There are some but very few ordinary working class people in the government. Not only is my democratic government unrepresentative none of the major parties have policies that I agree with. I feel my country is being run by the rich elite for the rich elite and our system is failing. I also think most western democracies are in this situation. So while democracy has some good points the current examples aren't much to point at in my opinion. I also think the Cuban people should have their voices heard but I mean ALL of the Cuban people. Not only the rich exiles in Miami I mean the ordinary poor people, because unfortunately many south and central American countries have been run by supper rich US backed European descended elite who sold most of their countries resources off to US corporations while the poor instead of owning their own land became wage slaves working for these foreign companies. Unfortunately the US has tried to force this kind of arrangement on many of the poorest countries including Cuba (when it was ruled by the US backed dictator Fulgencio Batista which lead to the Cuban revolution and the current government). So with this in mind I think the last thing Cuba needs is foreigners imposing a political system from outside firstly because it would likely lead to situation I described above and not to mention we already tried that with Iraq which was a complete disaster.

Comment Leave Cuba Alone (Score 3, Insightful) 400

Mod me down but while I think Cubans should be able to access the internet and communicate freely I think they should be left alone to work out their own problems. Cuba has been under attack (sanctions etc) for a very long time and you have to bear in mind the US relationship with central and south America hasn't exactly been hmmm how shall we say very fair. The US has been happy to triain death squads at the school of americas and fund the over throw of democractically ellected goverments (Chile, Nicuragua, Guatmala most recenly the atempt in Venuzuela and not to mention Syrian and Iran) so you could see the leader ship in Cuba might be a little paranoid.

Comment Re:again, irrelevant (Score 1) 244

Well democracy has many roles but the original purpose of democracy was to avoid war. Democracy is patently failing to do this because the powerful still do as they please whatever the human cost. One of the problems is lack of international democracy another. The original poster was stating that both US parties are left wing which is patently wrong. The mere existence of democracy doesn't make all the parties left wing. My comments are not at all out of context with that post. What else do I want done ? The American people to rain in its psychopathic government.

Comment Re:off topic concerns (Score 1) 244

I am not sure what you are saying really. Essentially the US has a two party system both are pro war and pro business and in my view right wing, there is almost nothing between them. You can't isolate what a government does outside its country from what it does in other countries. People are voting for a party as a whole not only for their national policies. This kind of US democracy is failing the world. Millions of people have died at the hands of the US since WW2. For the sake of the rest of the world its time the US had a real anti war, green, alternative.

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