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Comment Re:Having an impact in the discussion (Score 1) 418

Apple are far from the enemy of the free web. Apple offers convenience at a price (your freedom) if you choose to become a member of their cult, but they don't take away the freedoms of others, in fact, they play nicely with others and share their low-level technologies so they can "give back to the geeks". They hoard all the marketable front-end and share all the back-end.

As an avid Linux fanboy, even I can admit that Apple's lock-in is limited to their own customers and not to the world at large. They support freedom of choice, to either lose one's own free speech in the name of convenience (Apple way) or to use a Free Software competing technology which leverages their contributions....

In my case I opt for GNU/Linux, with Desura as a gaming platform and Wine for all my old stuff I still like to use....

Comment Re:MS Taking Aggressive Steps Against MALWARE On A (Score 2) 675

Oh gee, like the BIOS option that has been available for DECADES?

Seriously, do you really think that real IT professionals will buy into the whole BS about allegedly "improving security" when in many cases remote security on Microsoft's platforms has actually decreased over the years?

Comment Re:MS Taking Aggressive Steps Against MALWARE On A (Score 1) 675

This option was available for decades as a feature of BIOSes only editable from the CMOS Setup menu. It is not a security feature, it does nothing to really protect against malware.

Also, if you reinstall your OS, the boot sector is overwritten, as the partitioning/formatting stage overwrites all the data there....

Comment Re:The actual damages... (Score 1) 647

Agreed, but this is an impractical solution. Watch the magic as I keep things exactly the same with this new law!

1) Congress miraculously comes to its senses and declares that corporations can no longer hold copyrights - rather, copyrights have to be held by a person.

2) HR at nearly every corporation in America creates a new position called CCO, or "Chief Copyright Officer" with a decent salary. The CCO holds all of the copyrights for the corporation and answers to the board of directors as it is a junior executive position. The CCO is contractually obligated to transfer all of the company copyrights in his name to the new officer should he be terminated or fired, and his last will and testament must include language to that effect that can never be removed.

3) Everything basically stays exactly the same.

Only #1 would work as Copyright for the Corporations would automatically terminate, resulting in no way to transfer Copyright to an agent. In addition, Copyright can't be passed around, only licenses can, so things would change.

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