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Comment Drivers should be able to control this feature (Score 1, Insightful) 71

Drivers have the 1st Amendment right to association
Right to association includes right to refuse to associate.
If the drivers do not want to associate with one or more people, they should have the ability.
If Uber provides a tool that the drivers can use to limit who they associate with, good for the drivers.
So perhaps instead of blanket application of the "greyball" tool, there should be a checkbox in the Uber app that the drivers can use to turn it on or off.

Comment Re:Well there we go (Score 0) 144

Unlike the nanny-state folks, I feel that adults should have the freedom to decide for themselves. With freedom comes responsibility. There are risks. You cannot eliminate all risks without removing freedoms.
Regulations serve a purpose when they protect 3rd parties from harm. But not when the laws interfere with activities of consenting adults.

Comment Re:Well there we go (Score 1) 144

> the market can only support one or the other.
If one entity provides added value for added price it can compete with other, cheaper "budget" entities. That's why Taxis co-existed with more expensive limo service since forever.
>complete lack of regulation
B.S. and you know it. Uber drivers follow the same rules of the road as every other driver on the road. To level the playing field, the outdated and irrelevant rules applicable to the taxi companies should be repealed, not enforced.
> I don't believe the entertainment industry should offer their products for free because there is illegal downloading, do you?
Good example. The entertainment industry is like most industries where I don't need anybody's permission to enter. I can buy a video camera, shoot a movie and try to sell it just like anybody else. 20CenturyFox will not whine and cry that I am stepping on their "industry". Taxis think they are special and get to corner the market. Well, not anymore.

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