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Submission + - FEMA Grounds Private Drones That Were Helping To Map Boulder Floods (

MrMagooAZ writes: An interesting article about a questionable reaction by FEMA in response to the flooding in Colorado. It seems a small firm was working free of charge with County officials to use drones to map the area and provide near-real-time maps of the flood damage. When FEMA took control of operations one of their first acts appears to have been to not only ground the drones, but threaten the operators. "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you?"

Comment Amazon Review (1) NOT GOOD (Score 5, Informative) 43

I post this having not read a single page of this book. I was interested in getting this book for my attorney wife. When looking at it on AMAZON.COM, I noticed that the post here is a copy of only ONE of TWO reviews the book has on The other review is HORRIBLE. Read/order with caution.

Comment Other Kickstarter Projects Having Lightning Issues (Score 1) 471

This is not the only project to have licensing issues with Apple over the Lightning/30-pin connector. This project has had to change drastically over what it was initially...all to please the mighty Apple Beast. iExpander for iPhone 5

Comment Re:You cannot fine that which does not have a numb (Score 2) 614

I love it when just one person doesn't need something, they assume we all don't need it. Anonymous calls are a real necessity in many instances. My wife is a probation officer who frequently works from home. She has to call scumbags and their scumbag relatives frequently to conduct interviews. They do not need to know our home phone number. I can imagine there are other scenarios where blocking the number is prudent.

Submission + - Shane Caraveo talks PHP, FastCGI and IIS

brashquido writes: "Shane Caraveo, the man responsible for porting PHP to Windows and writing the first PHP ISAPI and FastCGI modules for IIS speaks about PHP, FastCGI and IIS. Among the more interesting points is that Shane only ported PHP to Windows so he could check his scripts for typos before uploading them to his Solaris server. Shane also shares his experiences working with the likes of Rasmus, Zeev, Andi, and Stig, and discusses his views on the future of PHP on IIS and what he sees as being the bigger challenges facing the development of PHP on IIS."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Global Warming "Scam" documentary to air o

sf_basilix writes: A documentary being broadcast on TV this week claims that Global Warming is "the biggest scam of modern times." After all the articles on global warming we continue to hear, it will be nice to finally hear another side. An article from the Washington Times describes how these panel of scientists claim "...that [carbon dioxide] has no proven link to global temperatures... Solar activity is far more likely to be the culprit...Scientists in the Channel 4 documentary cite what they claim is another discrepancy involving conventional research, saying that most of the recent global warming occurred before 1940, after which temperatures around the world fell for four decades...Mr. Durkin's skeptical specialists view this as a flaw in the official view, because the worldwide economic boom that followed the end of World War II produced more carbon dioxide, and therefore should have meant a rise in global temperatures — something he says did not happen."

What's On Your Hotel Keycard 416

Lam1969 writes "From Robert Mitchell's blog on Computerworld: '... Wallace, IT director at AAA Reading-Berks in Wyomissing, Penn. has been bringing a card reader with him on business trips to see what's on the magnetic strips of his hotel room access cards. To his dismay, a surprising number have contained his name and credit card information - and in unencrypted form.' " Update: 09/20 19:10 GMT by J : Snopes, as of two months ago, says this is false.

Dialup Redeemed: The WiFlyer Modem+Hotspot 170

Those who've moved to broadband connections and wireless links to each PC on their home or office network are unlikely to look back fondly on the days of 56K (or the not-so-snappy 300 baud of my first modem). Still, even if most Internet users really do have broadband, and (unless you've forsaken a landline telephone completely), dialup is a useful adjunct to even the spiffiest broadband access. And sometimes, it's the only access available. Most city dwellers don't face the distance limits of DSL (or even the geographic limitations of cable service), and cheapskate travelers know that free local calls are more common than hotels with free WiFi. However, wireless access and modems aren't the most common combination (especially when you're talking about laptops with a built-in modem port), and it's not fun being tied to whatever length of phone cord you have to hand. AlwaysOn Wireless's device called the WiFlyer (about $150) combines a wireless access point, a DHCP server, and a modem to make dealing with dialup a bit easier, and tosses in a few other features as well. The WiFlyer is a brilliant device, with some limitations; read on for my review.

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