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Comment Re:Fuck this. (Score 1) 303

For the last week or so I've been considering dropping slashdot from the list of news sites I follow but this article pretty much pushed me over the edge. I've been reading since 1998 but it really has taken a turn for the worse lately. Maybe the editors will turn things around with fresh articles that haven't already been posted with better commentary days earlier on other sites, but I'm not holding my breath.

Comment Re:That is why I supported fully static builds (Score 1) 332

Sure. Here's one for Mac:

I'll admit I didn't immediately find one for Windows. Instead I found that fun incedent where MS added their own Firefox extension as an update to Windows Live without prompting. So I guess the responsibility of the OS distributor goes beyond just keeping API breaks from affecting users.

You keep saying it's too much for one group to handle and yet, Linux distributions don't seem to be having all that many API-break related problems. Maybe you have a specific example to support your case?

Comment Re:That is why I supported fully static builds (Score 1) 332

Basically, the job of a Linux distribution is to vet updates to libfoo to make sure that in the process of fixing some random bug they didn't break the API. If they did, the distribution has a choice of of patching libfoo to fix the API break (or cherry pick the just the fix) or mitigating the security issue in some other way.

Comment Re:Why would you want to game on Linux (Score 1) 332

FACT: mac owners have higher incomes than windows or linux users.

[citation needed]

Even if what you say is true, it's somewhat interesting that on in the past, Linux sales on humblebundle.com have been pretty close to Mac sales, and Linux users consistently pay 10 - 20% more when given the choice.

Comment Re:Why would you want to game on Linux (Score 1) 332

I use a Mac at work and have an old iMac on my desk, next to my Linux desktop. Apple restricts non-appstore apps from accessing notification center or iCloud document storage. Some people think that's the thin end of the wedge and some people think Apple will go this far and then no further. As for me, I'm just not putting all my eggs in one basket. If OS X keeps being open enough, I'll keep using it. Otherwise, I'll switch to Linux full time.

Comment Re:Why would you want to game on Linux (Score 1) 332

I prefer MacPorts over Homebrew. Homebrew has some good goals, such as using OS-included libraries when available, but it's really a house of cards. Meanwhile, MacPorts works reliably and lets you override stuff at a lower level. I used to like Fink, but kept running into issues. It might be better now. *shrugs*

Comment Re:very, Very, VERY GOOD (C2 rated)... apk (Score 1) 182

I think part of the confusion comes from that fact that despite NT having had some of these things first, people still ran into them first on Linux. I mean, up until 2000 (or was it XP?) the first user you made was setup to run all applications as administrator by default. Microsoft has a ton of really smart people creating some incredible stuff. Then marketing seems to get a hold of those ideas and drive them into the ground or hobble them.

Comment Re:Never designed to be network-aware (Score 1) 182

In Linux, applications (such as browsers or web servers) can be restricted from writing to arbitrary directories with SELinux or AppArmor. Most modern distros have it baked in and enabled by default at this point, and many have had it available for years. OTOH, the best security is security that's actually used. If the only way for people to get into a building is by someone else holding the door for them, sooner or later someone will just sneak in. Similarly, if your admin can't get something to work without having to mess with NT's ACL folder permissions every time, sooner or later he'll just change them to "Everyone - Full Control."

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