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Comment Dell FireAThon and Apple HindenBook (Score 1) 339

The source has usually been the lithium battery powering the device.

I am not sure if the Dell and Apple laptops had lithium batteries but it does appear that the industry is going to have to look at the flammability of batteries in laptops and MP3 players. Either better batteries or asbestos skivvies. Wait, trying to remember--there is something wrong with asbestos, too??


Submission + - Block access to specified sites with /etc/hosts

An anonymous reader writes: There's plenty of sites out there that we'd all like our children, roommates, or family members to avoid. Forget buying parental control software though. You can block specific sites from being accessed by adding them to your /etc/hosts file in Mac OS X and Linux, here's easy instructions to follow: cified-sites-by-modifying-etchosts/

Comment If your asked to leave... (Score 1) 1080 is how to do it

At a company I worked at about 15 years ago, they dismissed (let go/fired/etc) one of the employees who also happened to handle much of the computing environment.

The president and vice president (and I believe at least one corporate lawyer) asked him into the conference room where they told him that he was fired and not allowed to return to his office. He said "may I make a phone call?". They said sure. He picked up the phone, dialed a number and said "Implement Plan B" and hung up the phone.

The pres and vice pres and lawyer went totally ape-shit. The place went into instant lockdown and we were pretty much unable to use the corporate network for about a week while they went through everything, changed all codes... musta cost a small fortune in both time and money.

A couple of years later I ran into the guy who was fired and I said "wow, do you realize what happened after you said those words? BTW, what exactly was plan B?" He said "I called my wife and said "implement plan b" but she had no idea what that meant, I was just joking".

Wonderful payback to some really stupid employers (they totally deserved it). Totally made my day.

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