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Playboy Launches Safe For Work Website 98

If you're one of the three people in the world who actually reads Playboy for the articles, today is your lucky day. Every young boy's favorite magazine to find in their uncle's closet has launched a "safe for work" website. From the article: "TheSmokingJacket.com will contain none of the nudity that makes Playboy.com NSFW — not suitable for work. Instead, it'll rely on humor to reach Playboy's target audience, men 25 to 34 years old, when they are most likely to be in front of a computer screen."

Comment Re:The Chart (Score 1) 157

The chart really wouldn't be any different if it were "parking" rather than "wifi" (or even "internet"). The higher-end hotels will charge $10-15 per day for net access, $10-$25 per day for parking. They will nickel and dime you because they assume that some business is picking up that dime.

Higher end hotels also don't have jacked up prices on vending machines, they have even-more-jacked-up prices in a hotel "store". The one that really annoyed me was the one that had no ice, but you could call for "complementary ice service". The ice may be free, but it's just another tipping opportunity for someone.

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