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Comment One of Diskeeper's purpose is to recruit (Score 1) 779

Some extra information about World Institute of Scientology Enterprises ("WISE"), organization to which Craig Jensen's Diskeeper belongs:

According to the Church of Scientology, WISE is part of "Div 6" (Division 6).

According to Church of Scientology's own statement to the IRS in 1993, "Div 6" is "responsible for attracting new Scientologists".


Feed Techdirt: Insider Trading On The IBM Cognos Deal? (

Technology stocks have been getting battered over the last few days, which is why it stood out to folks like Eric Savitz at Barron's that Cognos stock jumped on no particular news last Friday. It was one of very few tech stocks heading up, so it clearly stood out. Since the company had been subject to various acquisition rumors, it wasn't too surprising to hear Monday morning that IBM was buying Cognos for $5 billion -- but it has folks like Savitz wondering if the SEC is on the trail of whoever was clearly trading on that info on Friday.

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Submission + - Scientology-linked entity sent baseless complaint ( 1

R. Hill writes: "On or about November 9th, 2007, the web master of Sterling Management Systems sent a baseless complaint (IANAL) to Mike Gormez' web hosting provider, which in turn quickly yanked from the Internet all of Mike Gormez' web sites (,,

Apparently, Sterling Management Systems doesn't want people to find out critical info about the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, an association of Scientology-associated businesses, of which Sterling Management Systems is a member. They probably wish that Mike Gormez' web page on Sterling Management Systems wasn't listed on the first page of results returned by Google when searching for "Sterling Management Systems".

Sterling Management Systems has been accused of recruiting dentists and chiropractors into Scientology. Here is an example of this on Google video. Here is a newspaper article of another case. And so on.

Mike's web sites were back online as of Monday, November 12th.

Sterling Management Systems on the web: Finally, here is what a prominent free-speech activist, and Scientology critic suggests:

[E]veryone should add a link to Mike's Sterling Management page from their web site or blog, like this one I just added to my Secrets of Scientology page:

Critical info about the <a href="">World Institute of Scientology Enterprises</a>, an association of cult-associated businesses, including the infamous <a href="">Sterling Management Systems</a> that sucks dentists and chiropractors into Scientology.
Let's make Mike's page the #1 ranked page for Sterling!
Freedom of speech is not something to mess with, especially when it's about informing people on serious issues."

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