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Comment Re:Why would Clinton's supporters abandon her now? (Score 2) 612

Very clever finding notorious hack Bill Saffire commenting on his own column, and painting it as some sort of third party endorsement of his original column that history has shown is a pack of fail. Lest we forget The Starr Report. Lest we forget the final Travelgate report. Lest we forget the transparently political climate.

You need to troll much harder kid. I remember this shit.

Comment Re: yay more emojis (Score 2) 200

This is where Emoji came from. Imagine a late 1990's cell phone with the 12 standard buttons, and having to send text messages to someone in Japanese. How do you use those 12 buttons to select from thousands of Kanji symbols?


Don't try and be an amateur linguistic historian, when people are alive today that sent SMS messages in the mid 1990s. Also, the history of emoji is in Wikipedia.

So what's the real story? Someone at NTT Docomo wanted prettier emoticons. Then once they had that, they decided to shove all their icons into this new dingbat font for ease of use. Softbank wanted feature parity, so they did the same. Then later the two fonts were shoved together, and so we have the unholy union that gives us ðY"' and ðY--, âoe'ï and ðY-, and my favorite ðY" and ðY"Z.

Submission + - Facebook Offers Innumerate Explanation For Its 1% Black Tech Workforce 1

theodp writes: Back in 2014, Gas Station Without Pumps patiently explained that while the case can clearly be made for female and black students being under-represented in Advanced Placement Computer Science exams, pointing to states with zero female or Black AP CS test takers is not the way to do it. Of the eleven states that had no Black test takers in 2013, GSWP explained: "The zero black AP CS test takers for the nine states can be fairly confidently attributed to the lack of AP CS test takers, and in Maine to the shortage of black students. For Alaska, the lack of black AP CS test takers is probably due to the shortage of AP CS test takers in the state." But that didn't stop Facebook from using the dramatic-but-statistically-fallacious arguments on Thursday to explain away its still-1% Black tech workforce. "It has become clear that at the most fundamental level, appropriate representation in technology or any other industry will depend upon more people having the opportunity to gain necessary skills through the public education system," said Facebook Global Director of Diversity Maxine Williams, who was tasked with explaining why Facebook's diversity efforts don't seem to be working (Facebook's tech workforce is 48% White, 46% Asian, 3% Hispanic, 1% Black, 2% Other). "Currently, only 1 in 4 US high schools teach computer science," Williams continued. "In 2015, seven states had fewer than 10 girls take the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam and no girls took the exam in three states. No Black people took the exam in nine states including Mississippi where about 50% of high school graduates are Black, and 18 states had fewer than 10 Hispanics take the exam with another five states having no Hispanic AP Computer Science (CS) test takers. This has to change." To give Facebook's innumerate explanation some context, according to 2015 AP Data, Mississippi had a grand total of five AP CS test takers. And in the three states where no girls took the exam — Montana, Mississippi, and Wyoming — boys respectively took zero, five, and three AP CS exams.

Comment Re:definitely due to the rise of the populist righ (Score 0) 693


and obviously it's ignorant

americans are feeding crony financial parasites and getting nothing in return "because capitalism" when it's not capitalism at all

and never can be capitalism: capitalism is pretty wonderful but only works in certain economic sectors. it's not magic unicorn farts you sprinkle on anything and then everything is fixed because magic, which is unfortunately the extent of many americans' understanding of capitalism

Comment definitely due to the rise of the populist right (Score 0, Troll) 693

like you see with trump in the usa

and, like trump, it's financially and politically retarded

scotland will leave, and northern ireland may, and britain will suffer a number of financial costs it has to pay now

so now britain is significantly poorer and weaker

all because some old morons don't like immigrants

the real issue is why these people are so angry, and the obvious answer is they feel poor while they perceive immigrants as coddled

and they are poor... because of plutocratic abuses, not immigrants

plutocratic abuses the political *left* has answers to

but the old morons reject the left for various stupid and propagandistic reasons

like americans rejecting universal healthcare, even though it's far cheaper and equal or higher quality. because "capitalism." when it's just cronyism

old poor morons like plutocrats to have gold toilets i guess, and are too fucking stupid to see how or why that's all their uneducated opinions lead to

Comment Re:punishment versus rehabilitation (Score 1) 292

I think that if you're 20 and you had sex with a 17 year old, or if you took a piss in some bushes near a playground, you're innocent. Your "crime" is being dumb, and you shouldn't be punished at all, at least any more than a severe reprimand. And you certainly shouldn't have some scarlet letter hanging over your head your whole life.

At the same time, if you're 28 and you actively sought to have sex with an 8 year old, you are dealing with someone with a deeply psychologically rooted paraphilia that is not going to go away upon the completion of the punishment for your crime. You really should go on a list, or be an outcast, because you are a high risk of re-offending.

The problem is with people say "you go on a list" and the rest of us think about the adult who had sex with the 17 year old.

Or the problem is with people who say "you should have your record cleared and forgotten" and the rest of us think about the adult who had sex with the 8 year old.

Before anyone says anything, you have to define your terminology well, or it will be taken the wrong way. We start by qualifying underage sex crimes in terms of legality such that sex with the 17 year old is VERY different than sex with the 8 year old.

Comment just honeypot the shit out of everything (Score 3, Insightful) 208

you catch murderers and hitmen by

1.the police answering the ads of "hitmen" (morons, but so are most ISIS supporters)

2. police posing as hitmen and picking up the losers that contract for their services

you can do the same with ISIS

1. answer real ISIS broadcasters with fake supporters who proceed to sabotage operations and outreach in all sorts of ways

2. pose as ISIS and hoover up the social retards who answer the call

but you can only do this if the idiots operate out in the open

drive them underground and you can still do it, like with child porn douchebags. but you've made the job harder and some sympathizers go uncaught

Comment Re:Important consideration (Score 2) 136

it's called fracking

the techonology was first achieved by the rogue state of oklahoma. we have not yet received their list of demands. however, they have shared the dangerous technology with the unstable province of alberta, which has recently upped the ante of horrors:

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