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Comment Consistency (Score 1) 449

The thing I find most important is keeping the way things work within the universe of the story consistent. When the heroes or their toys don't behave in a consistent fashion from scene to scene it irks me. It's fine to be in a setting where the laws of physics are different than the real world, but when they change from moment to moment it gets old quick. If the main character (robot or whatever) was able to fly while carrying a bus, don't make a scene 20 minutes later where he's helpless because a 20 foot gap between buildings is preventing him from saving an innocent girl.

Comment Over reaching government mandate (Score 1) 380

I love the idea of them using more Linux and other open source products. BUT... I'm thinking having the government mandate that every thing must be open source is a bad thing. Basically, it should be up to the people actually using and implementing the systems to figure out the best solution. Sometimes it's open source, sometimes the open source options don't suit the needs as well as a piece of paid software. This is going to limit options and make some people's jobs a lot harder than necessary.

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