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Submission + - Facebook Wants To Share What You're Watching ( 1

itwbennett writes: "Thanks to a rare and strange privacy law (the Video Privacy Protection Act), the movies you're watching have, thus far, been kept out of your Facebook stream. But that may soon change, says blogger Dan Tynan. 'Yesterday the House passed HR 2471, a bill amending the VPPA that allows movie rental/streaming services to reveal the films you’ve watched, assuming you’ve given your informed written consent – which can be obtained over the Net. In other words, by clicking Allow on Facebook, you could agree to let all your peeps know that you just watched 'Hello Sister, Goodbye Life' on Netflix. Why you would want to do this, I don’t know.'"

Submission + - Java apps have most flaws, Cobol least ( 1

dcblogs writes: An analysis of 745 applications for violations of good architectural and coding practices, found that Java applications had the most problems and Cobol-built systems, the least. Some 365 million lines of code were analyzed by Cast Software, which makes tools for this, to assess “technical debt,” or the cost to fix the violations. Java was calculated at $5.42 per line of code, while Cobol did best at $1.26. Cobol code had the least number of violations because programmers “have been beating on it for 30 years,” said Cast. As far as Java goes, “there are many people going into Java now that really don’t have strong computer science backgrounds,” said its chief scientist, Bill Curtis.

Comment Re:As a voter who normally leans Democrat... (Score 0) 1128

Except that its is libs like Obama who are ignorant. For example, when did Future President Elect Palin state that the earth is 6K years old ? And how come Palin knows that unbounded government spending and taxation kills the free market, a lesson which Obama stubbornly rejects ? Or how about the man made, CO2 induced global warming science hoax (what about CO2 levels and average global temps more than 600K years ago ? Oops CO2 has been as high as 4000 ppm with global temps at typical ice age levels). Score Palin 1, Obama 0

Ditto for death panels (Grandma is better off taking a pain pill).

And here is yet one more thing Palin knows that Obama doesn't, It's the economy stupid ! That is why the dems were routed in 2010 and she will win in 2012 (this is also why Obama won in 08 ). The vast majority of Americans who legally vote in this country are royally pissed at Obama for wasting our time on Health Care Reform instead of working on the Economy, which what the whole reason he was elected in the first place. And by pulling the economy-HCR bait and switch, he has lost the independents who put him there in the previous cycle.

Most Americans now know all of the lib's trick plays. Calling any conservative "stupid" (Goldwater, Reagan, Bush, Palin) works as well as the wildcat offense, everyone gets the gimmick now and ignores it.

Lastly, most of what you think illustrates Palin's lack of intelligence are merely faux-pas which get played over and over and over by the leftist media. Don't believe me ? Okay, did you know Obama said there were 57 states ?

Or how about Obama's vast vocabulary, including words like "epancipation"?

And we can't forget his mastery of medicine !

Comment Re: Fire Hillary, the buck stops with her (Score 1) 833

Everyone is blaming the WikiLeaks guy, PFC Manning, etc. But its is the job of the State Department to make sure it's cables are secret. Yeah, I know she is not the actual computer nerd responsible for State's IT department, however she, and she alone is ultimately responsible for this mess. You see, the government knew PFC Manning had the State Department's cables months before this mess blew up from his pending court martial ( .


Hillary ... buh-bye !!!

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 3, Insightful) 404

> That's because the slashdot summary and the article are sensationalized. They aren't patenting "shutting down."

Um ... yes they are ! Why do I say this you ask ? Well let's examine patent #7,788,474:
  • It's title is "Operating system shut down"
  • The first sentence in the patent's abstract states: "A user interface and scheme is provided for facilitating shutting down an operating system."

What the hell else should I think they are trying to patent ?

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