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PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: Open Source Gamer Guide to Free Games

In writing a series of Open Source Gaming articles, it's easy to leave out a lot of peoples favorites. In order to combat this, I am taking all suggestions for the Next four installments. I play each game and give a short overview.

Upcoming articles up are:
Part 5. FPS (Preferably not already covered in Part 1)
Part 6. Turn Based Strategy, I especially need help here, as it is my least favorite genre.
Part 7. RPG including MMO types

The rules are simple all games must:
1. Must be open source.
2. Must be available for Linux & Windows at the very least.
3. Must have a website for readers to visit, Some great games didn't make the platformers article due to there being no active website, but were available in all major repositories.
4. They must offer Binary/Installer Downloads.

The intended audience for all my articles are primarily Windows users. I'd like to expose them to the best that open source has to offer, while trying to shield them from the hassles inherent in compiling the source.

Feel free to leave comments/suggestions here or at the blog.

The first three articles have been completed and can be found here.
(4 are currently published and part 5 is upcoming.)

Part 1 The Quakers, covers Open Source games written on the 3 idtech GPL releases.
Part 2 Real Time Strategy, covered Spring, Dark Oberon and others.
Part 3 The Platformers. Mario Clones and others.
Part 4 Racing

User Journal

Journal Journal: Empty Journal

I looked today and felt a pang of sadness, yet another empty journal that belongs to me in name only, nothing personally identifyable at all.

I thought to myself,"This time I shall make my mark." If only I had something to say.

Journal entry #1 Work is going well. Eminent Ship Date will be reached and software will be ready. Testing is looking great. New Hardware works Great. Now If only the roofers would finish the damn building and place the AC units back up and reconnected I could finish testing on the spa. Place is unbearable after Noon in the Florida Heat.

Professional Background.. Presently Employed on Embedded Linux project. Thats right, you can get paid for Open Source work. Granted Pay isn't spectacular but it is pay. GUI for Spa Control. Spa has integrated TV/Stereo/Lighting. Hardware Design Completed for the third time, Still didn't get everything I wanted but you never can. SDIO, Host USB, ahhh SomeDay.

Previously I have done it all. Tech Support, Shop Repair, New PC sales/build, Web Design, Programming COBOL, BASIC, C, C++, Painting, Sales, F&I at AutoSales, Assembly, Solder Tech, Electronic Production Repair Tech, MIS, IT Gopher, 3d Modelling, Graphic Art. Once so long ago it seems like a fading acid trip, in the middle of the night, I used to climb building to clean & Degrease the exhaust Fans & Ducts & Hoods for resturants. OMG, I cannot believe I did that, for like 4 yrs. Finally my wife gave me the best advice I've ever received: Quit this Bullshit Job & Do what you love to Do. Haven't looked back (till now) since. Long climb to MIS from screw-turner but very satisfying. Like starting in the mail room & ending up CEO.

Personal Background
Married twice, 3 Children. Divorced once (so Far). One 15.5yr old Son previous marriage, One 16yr old stepSon from wife's previous marriage, One 8yr old little girl. We usually say we have 1 and a half each. My Hobbies are, Gaming (production & playing), Chess, Robotics, All things Scientific, Guitar and SlashDot. Oh and trying to understand republicans (So far I've only figured out Money is primary motivation.)


There That is a Mark. Now it truly is My Journal

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