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Comment Re:What trend? (Score 1) 737

The default configuration is the only configuration that the vast majority of business and home users care about. The 2nd thing that servicemen ask is if we've reverted to the default configuration to resolve issues. The first thing they ask is if we've tried rebooting the machine.

Comment Re:It's a flawed way to keep a site up. (Score 1) 978

Well before the internet, magazines and newspapers relied on advertisements so I fail to see where the "shift of focus" is.

There isn't. Nobody with two eyes open takes the magazine articles at face value when the rags include advertisements from the companies in the reviews.

The internet made this worse. Instead of being able to read around the adverts in the magazines, now we must uncover the "useful" content from pop-over ads and distracting video and and sound.

Comment Re:I most look forward to flying with ... (Score 1) 303

By your logic, there should only be an ID age check to own a nuclear bomb. Jetliners packed with civilians are dangerous tools, and the companies who own them have proven inadequate to defend them. I still think a better solution would be an armed plainclothes combat specialist on each flight though. Or even an open carry "marshall" who could double as a bus monitor.

Comment Re:Bad analogy (Score 1) 170

Aside from the many cheap and goofy devices that obscure the license plate to electronic cameras, you just logically made all other forms of electronic tracking and gps based systems superfluous.

Oh wait, our government, in an rare fit of common sense, realizes that a ubiquitous network of cameras nationwide would be prohibitively expensive.

Comment Re:Low low Walmart prices (Score 1) 174

Sure it's exploitation. Given that there is no way to practice inter-nation commerce with a nation that does NOT have identical environmental, wage, and human rights policies, the only alternative is to seal our borders and live without the benefits of global economies. You know, things like foreign oil, electronics, rare minerals, and imported EVERYTHING.

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