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Journal MrAnnoyanceToYou's Journal: And life is on an even keel. 3

It's funny, having everything kinda together. Feels like the glue is drying, still, but I'm six months into having a decent job where I bike to work and do good things for people I pretty much respect all day. (, if anyone's THAT interested) Learned to type Dvorak finally, have a completely code-based job. A weird job, but a good job overall nonetheless. I'm happy and balanced. And glassblowing's going well too. Homepage is up, and under my REAL name... Funny that once you're willing to tell everyone you're a dog the world is a weirdly comfortable place.

Perhaps I'm maturing, finally.
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And life is on an even keel.

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  • Seriously, congratulations - your good feelings are earned. On a semi-related note, might your employers need a solid black box tester?
    • Not yet... Ask me again in a few months; my employers are still tiny, and getting bigger, but the plan is to have a three to four man dev team for the next year at least.

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