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Journal MrAnnoyanceToYou's Journal: There are two important things about getting knocked down.

1. Getting back up, and 2. Figuring out why you got knocked down in the first place.

Time to quit again. Let's say, fifteen minutes of video games max a day for the next month.

Yoga time. Diet time. New job time. Physics starts next week, and MCSD exams should happen not this weekend, but next weekend. New glassblowing pictures up tomorrow night. (the new stuff looks good) Personal website to be up soon,(tm) as said by CCP. (It's up, I'm just not sure linking my jerk self on the internet to my real name is such a good idea yet. I'm warming to it. Perhaps I could be enough of a bitter wanker to sell ads.....)

Anyways. New year's resolutions are dumb. This is not a resolution set, this is some changes I want to make again; last time I succumbed to loneliness, doubt, fear, the dark side, Cheetos, blah blah blah. Go. Now. It's time; I'm getting younger again. Did anyone else know that Upton Sinclair, when interviewed by a biographer after running as a communist in California, was described as the most spry and energetic man the author of said biography ever met? He was something like seventy or eighty years old at the time.

Anyways. New year, bank's lame, but I don't have to be.

ED, next morning: This post brought to you by excessive amounts of alcohol.
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There are two important things about getting knocked down.

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