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Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 4, Insightful) 679

Surely that's a stawman argument.

"Reducing use of fossil fuels" != "halting all progress"

You use the phrase "slow this progress" but the remainder of your comment implies almost halting progress.

Limiting use of fossil fuels has (relatively short in terms of human history) economic consequences which will be overcome. If we drastically reduced the use of fossil fuels today I doubt it will take hundreds of years to find a working cleaner alternative, especially when there is economic motive.

Comment Re:Enron down under (Score 2) 269

I'm certainly talking about market spot prices.

So far there has been sufficient supply (note, they DID/DO purchase the power at the stated prices) It's just not generated locally by our own market, so when we fall short on local supply we need to purchase from our non local suppliers who can and do set their spot price.

So the facts to back up my contention is that at no point was there not enough supply to meed demand. It's only the cost of the supply that's the point of contention.

IF they are forced (due to supply constraints and not economic constraints) to start doing rolling blackouts or similar due to inability to meet demand then I'll stand corrected. But having worked directly with our largest whole-sale provider to implement demand management systems at the customer end (experimental) I can be rather confident that the supply is there if they are willing to pay the price.

In past years our local suppliers would do rolling blackouts during high demand periods to avoid paying for costly supply. This typically occurred during summer. This has been offset by using roor-top-solar. But still, it's always been about price, not availability.

Comment Re:Corruption in Aussie power industry (Score 1) 269

Compulsory voting + laissez-faire attitude to politics + ignorance = same government doing same shit over and over.

Our voting system is an absolute joke. No one has any idea who or why they are voting, unless you're a xenophobe then there's the Hanson clan, but they are all just suit wearing knobs and the one who has the most charismatic appearance during the campaign wins.

Comment Re:Standalone Has No Competition (Score 1) 50

as if a new $650 smartphone is cheap. Good luck doing VR on a smartphone that costs less than $300 (going price for a new unlocked Galaxy S6 on ebay, the minimum-specced phone that will work with a Gear VR). I shudder to think how many people are gonna get nauseous with their $99 phone that barely manages to run Android N.

You're only considering the brands you know about.. That $650 smartphone is only $100 (or less) if you buy something like a DOOGEE or Xiaomi or similar..

Samsung and Apple are doing a number on most westerners - $650 for a phone.. what a joke. Seriously, people who buy their junk at those prices deserve it :)

Comment Re: Environmental impacts? (Score 1) 321

As someone who lost over 150lbs, you're full of shit.

It is my experience that absolutely nothing makes you feel fuller for longer other than filling your stomach and doing it a lot. It has nothing to do with foods being processed and everything to do with their bulk/calorie ratio.

We'll sorry, but you're argument is equally flawed... For example:

As someone who's just lost 20kg (90 -> 70kg) you're full of shit.

I primarily avoid carbs, I avoid vegetable oil, I heavily use animal fat (dripping, lard, etc) for all my cooking. I feel plenty full after my meals and stay that way until my next meal time (no snacking here, no need)..

Simple anecdote - eat a steak and egg you'll be full for quite some time, eat a big bowl of pasta (greater weight even, higher calories even) and you'll be hungry again within an hour or so (well I am anyway)..

Sure, it's one anecdote, but I've experienced this phenomenon many times throughout my life , so for me it's a 'rule' I accept (I won't say fact, as this is not science here, it's my experience only)..

Comment Re: Environmental impacts? (Score 2) 321

Eh, not so sure about the cholesterol..

I know these sites are not the leading authority on such matters - but my own anecdotal evidence suggests that the common idea of "healthy" eating is ... wrong.

Real food is good and healthy.

Real Food = (unprocessed): fruit, veg, meat, dairy, nuts, etc

Processed sugars (or any processed carbohydrates) = the bad guy

Eat natural food, you'll feel more full, for longer, and be healthier.

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