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Comment Re:PLEASE someone, hook these to a traffic light. (Score 1) 186

Yes we have that, but it's not good enough. The loops can't tell when a car is approching until it actually arrives in the intersection so the light still cycles reguarless of traffic patterns. A "smart" camera should be able to anticipate if the light needs to change at all and for how long. It might have a 5-second north/south green to let one or two cars through followed by a 5-min east/west green due to there being no north/south traffic.

Submission + - Critical Google Desktop Vulnerability

Yababay writes: Yair Amit of Watchfire has discovered some very critical vulnerabilities in Google Desktop that could allow a remote malicious individual access to any sensitive information on the local computer. The security research team has published a detailed white paper on the attack methodology, showing several possible outcomes from access of sensitive information, to turning Google Desktop features (such as Search across Computers) against itself, to remote command execution. This attack works by exploiting a persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability. A demonstration of this attack is also available.

Submission + - BBC and YouTube in Deal Talks

Algis writes: The BBC and YouTube are in the process of striking a deal between themselves, allowing BBC content to be available on Google-owned YouTube, the world's largest and most popular video sharing service. The Beeb has previously demanded takedowns of a large number of its videos that were posted to the site by YouTube users, resulting in the message, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The BBC". Quite what the BBC-YouTube deal will entail is anyone's guess. It is highly, highly unlikely to include full-length current BBC shows. What could be possible is the addition to YouTube of much older shows, such as classics like 'The Young Ones' or 'Faulty Towers', in an effort to boost the shows' exposure and increase DVD sales of these shows.

Submission + - JetBlue Blames Technology

An anonymous reader writes: CIO Insight has a short opinion piece about JetBlue's recent operations meltdown. From the article: "CEO David Neeleman pledged to "bring humanity back to air travel" through a combination of common sense with innovation and technology when he founded JetBlue Airways in 1999. So much for an old promise. Prices remain affordable, but the high quality of airline service vanished at JetBlue when a massive ice storm hit the eastern U.S. on Valentine's Day...its obstinance resulted in the stranding of thousands of passengers in terminals and hundreds sitting for hours on airplanes. Neeleman offers a new promise: a passenger's bill of rights. But he needs to do more, and take a hard look at how the company manages IT to help ensure that such a blunder doesn't occur again." The piece offers suggestions to improve JetBLue's IT operations.

I'm tired of companies always blaming technology for what really amounts to poor management. How can there be no repercussions for a $30 million loss?

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