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Submission + - CentOS back on track

Mr. Slippery writes: "Following up on the previous story about CentOS: according to the CentOS web site, "The CentOS Development team had a routine meeting today with Lance Davis in attendance. During the meeting a majority of issues were resolved immediately and a working agreement was reached with deadlines for remaining unresolved issues. There should be no impact to any CentOS users going forward. The CentOS project is now in control of the and domains and owns all trademarks, materials, and artwork in the CentOS distributions.""

Submission + - How we used to vote (

Mr. Slippery writes: "Think hanging chads, illegal purges of the voter rolls, and insecure voting machines were bad? The New Yorker gives a look at how we used to vote back in the good old days: "A man carrying a musket rushed at him. Another threw a brick, knocking him off his feet. George Kyle picked himself up and ran. He never did cast his vote. Nor did his brother, who died of his wounds. The Democratic candidate for Congress, William Harrison, lost to the American Party's Henry Winter Davis. Three months later, when the House of Representatives convened hearings into the election, whose result Harrison contested, Davis's victory was upheld on the ground that any 'man of ordinary courage' could have made his way to the polls." Now I feel like a wuss for complaining about the lack of a voter-verified paper trail."

Submission + - Gandalf is the new Number Two (

Mr. Slippery writes: "According to Variety , "AMC and ITV will remake Patrick McGoohan's cult TV show `The Prisoner' as a six-part mini with Ian McKellen as Number Two and Jim Caviezel as Number Six." There's been talk about remake of The Prisoner for a long time, we'll see if this gets further than past efforts; certainly Sir McKellen's attachment to the project is a reason to hope it won't completely blow chunks."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - WSU LUG Nerds to auction themselves to women (

Mr. Slippery writes: "Associated Press reports that Washington State University's LUG is planning to hold a "nerd auction". According to LUG president Ben Ford,"You can buy a nerd and he'll fix your computer, help you with stats homework, or if you're really adventurous, take you to dinner!" To promote the LUG (and comp sci in general) to women, the plan is that a handful of LUG members will get makeovers from a sorority. "The girls get to have their way with them and we'll document each makeover. We'll make a snazzy video and show it over dinner. After the dinner, we'll auction off the now studly nerds.""

Submission + - Patent dispute turns deadly

Mr. Slippery writes: "Think disputes about software patents have gotten ugly? You ain't seen nothing yet; it turns out that the gunman who killed three people in a Chicago law firm's office felt cheated over the patent of a toilet he had invented for use in trucks. How long until some poor coder who accidently steps on a software patent, decides to follow his example?"

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